My man deducted N1000 I borrowed from my girlfriend allowance – Nigerian lady shares

Unhappy Borrower Takes to Social Media

An upset young woman has taken to social media to express her dissatisfaction after her boyfriend decided to deduct 1,000 naira from her monthly girlfriend allowance.

The lady, who goes by the handle @sharonpeculia, shared the details of her predicament with her online community.

Monthly Girlfriend Allowance of 100,000 Naira

It was revealed that the lady’s boyfriend regularly provides her with a monthly girlfriend allowance of 100,000 naira. This financial arrangement seemed to be a consistent part of their relationship.

Borrowed 1,000 Naira and Deduction

However, during the course of the month, she found herself in need of 1,000 naira and decided to borrow it from her boyfriend.

What surprised her was that when the monthly allowance was transferred to her account, her boyfriend had deducted the 1,000 naira she had borrowed, leaving her with 99,000 naira instead.

Sharing the Alert Screenshot

In response to this unexpected deduction, the lady took to social media to share a screenshot of the transaction alert she received from her boyfriend.

Her caption expressed her dismay at the deduction, clearly conveying her surprise and disappointment.

Reactions from the Online Community

Her post quickly garnered reactions from her online community. Some questioned the standard 100,000 naira monthly allowance, wondering if there was an agreement among couples regarding this amount. Others sympathized with her situation or playfully teased her about it.

The incident served as a topic of discussion and amusement for many, highlighting the various dynamics that can exist in relationships when it comes to financial matters.