CSU Official’s Testimony Raises Questions About Tinubu’s Diploma Certificate

CSU Official’s Statement on Tinubu’s Diploma Certificate

In a recent development, a key figure from the Certificate Scandal Unit (CSU), Carl Westberg, disclosed that the replacement copy of the Diploma certificate submitted by President Bola Tinubu to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) did not originate from the institution.

Westberg, who serves as the Registrar of the university, made this revelation while testifying under oath. Notably, this was the first time he had encountered this particular copy of the Diploma certificate during the legal proceedings.

Public Reactions to the Revelation

The revelation made by Carl Westberg has triggered a wave of reactions from Nigerians across the country.

The controversy surrounding Tinubu’s academic qualifications and the authenticity of the submitted certificate have become topics of intense debate and scrutiny.

LP’s Perspective on the Academic Records Controversy

During an interview with Vanguard, the Labour Party (LP) weighed in on the unfolding controversy.

The LP expressed its concerns about the exposure of details regarding Tinubu’s academic records by the CSU and the contents of these revelations.

Obiora Ifoh, the National Publicity Secretary of the LP, emphasized the broader implications of this situation on Nigeria’s international reputation.

Putting Nigeria’s Image on Trial

Obiora Ifoh stressed that the CSU’s disclosures have transcended the question of whether President Tinubu attended Chicago State University.

Instead, the issue now revolves around the message Nigeria is sending to the global community. He raised concerns about the effectiveness of institutions responsible for ensuring proper procedures and standards.

Awaiting the Supreme Court’s Verdict

As the controversy continues to unfold, the LP is awaiting the final pronouncement from the Supreme Court on the matter.

The outcome of this legal process will likely shape the future narrative surrounding Tinubu’s academic qualifications and the impact on Nigeria’s international image.

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