Kremlin Strongly Denounces President Biden’s ‘Shameful Language’ Toward Putin, Igniting Diplomatic Firestorm in San Francisco Climate Change Event

Kremlin Strongly Denounces President Biden’s ‘Shameful Language’ Toward Putin, Igniting Diplomatic Firestorm in San Francisco Climate Change Event

The Kremlin has expressed its strong disapproval of the United States President, Joe Biden, for his use of what is deemed as ‘shameful language’ towards Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The incident occurred during an event in San Francisco focused on climate change awareness, where President Biden referred to Putin as a ‘crazy SOB.’

The Kremlin’s response, articulated by spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, underscores the diplomatic repercussions of such language and sheds light on the escalating tensions between the two nations.

Kremlin’s Condemnation: A ‘Shame’ for the US:

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov did not mince words as he criticized President Biden’s choice of language, deeming it a ‘huge shame for the country itself… for the US.’

The use of such undiplomatic expressions by a sitting president was characterized as ‘shameful,’ reflecting negatively not only on the US but also on the international stage.

Peskov went on to describe Biden’s remark as an attempt to portray himself as a ‘Hollywood cowboy,’ highlighting the perceived lack of statesmanship in the choice of words.

Medvedev’s Retort and Accusations:

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, known for his alignment with Putin, did not shy away from responding to Biden’s comment.

He dismissed climate change as the true ‘existential threat’ and instead labeled leaders like Biden as ‘useless old geezers.’ Furthermore, Medvedev accused Biden of being ‘ready to start a war with Russia,’ adding fuel to the diplomatic fire.

Peskov’s Debasement Assertion:

While Peskov acknowledged that such words might not harm President Putin directly, he emphasized the debasement incurred by those who employ such vocabulary.

Drawing a stark contrast, Peskov questioned whether Putin had ever used crude language to address counterparts, highlighting a perceived disparity in diplomatic decorum.

Navalny’s Death and Ongoing Tensions:

The verbal clash between Biden and Putin comes in the wake of accusations against the Russian government regarding the death of political rival Alexei Navalny in an Arctic penal colony.

Western leaders, including Biden, have condemned Putin and his administration, escalating the already strained relations between the two nations.

The Kremlin, however, vehemently denies any involvement in Navalny’s death.

Sanctions Looming:

President Biden, signaling a hardened stance, announced the forthcoming imposition of a major package of sanctions against Russia in response to Navalny’s death and the lingering repercussions of the Ukraine war.

The geopolitical ramifications of these sanctions are anticipated to intensify the ongoing tension between the US and Russia.

Biden’s History of Verbal Controversies:

This incident isn’t the first time President Biden has drawn attention for his choice of words. Known for occasional off-script remarks, Biden has previously used strong language, including a heated moment caught on a hot mic in January 2022, where he referred to a Fox News White House reporter as a ‘son of a bitch.’

The president’s propensity for outspokenness has been a recurring feature, extending to critiques of the Chinese government, the Republican Party, and even US ally Israel.


The recent clash of words between President Biden and the Kremlin underscores the delicate nature of international diplomacy. The use of undiplomatic language, particularly between leaders of powerful nations, has far-reaching consequences.

As sanctions loom and tensions persist, the international community watches closely, recognizing the impact such verbal sparring can have on global affairs.