Klawer man who murdered 13 yrs old to be kept solitary in jail

The lawyer for the man accused of butchering a 13-year-old child in Klawer said she asked the court to remove her client from other inmates for his safety.
This comes after Daniel Smit’s lawyer, Santie Human, disclosed that he has been involved in the occult since he was a teenager.
He has “spiritual problems,” she stated, rather than a mental condition.
Smit also admitted to killing four people in the past in Cape Town’s Sea Point neighborhood.
Human Smit, got involved in the occult when he was 13 years old, in Vredendal, when he met someone from out of town who gave him stuff about the occult to read.

“He felt he belonged – part of it. Smit was 19 when an occult group from Sea Point showed him how to kill.
“He learned how to kill with very little blood spilled, to incinerate the body and to throw any remains in the sea,” she said.

A bare-footed Smit made his first court appearance in the Klawer Magistrate’s Court on Monday morning.
Smit allegedly murdered the 13-year-old Jerobejin van Wyk.
It is believed Van Wyk and his friend stole mangoes from the garden of Smith. He then chased the boys with his bakkie and ran over Van Wyk. Smit allegedly threw the body of Van Wyk on his bakkie. The other boy managed to getaway.
Sources reportedly said Smit then hacked the body of Van Wyk into several parts before he burned the body parts in an attempt to dispose of the body.
The remaining body parts were thrown down the drain at his house.
The word ‘Jahwe’ is also seen on the front side of Smit’s house. Jahwe is a name for God thought to represent the original pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton among the ancient Hebrews.
Police also found a black box that contained a dagger with a strange handle as well as religious books inside.