Kizz Daniel Faces Backlash for Referring to Bobrisky as ‘Baby Girl

Kizz Daniel Faces Backlash for Referring to Bobrisky as ‘Baby Girl

Kizz Daniel’s Remark Sparks Controversy

Nigerian artist Kizz Daniel found himself at the center of a social media storm after he referred to popular crossdresser Bobrisky as his “baby girl.”

The comment was made in response to Bobrisky’s dazzling jewelry collection showcased in a video on Instagram.

Bobrisky’s Exquisite Jewelry Display

In the video posted by Kizz Daniel, Bobrisky, adorned in traditional attire and headgear, proudly flaunted a remarkable collection of jewelry.

The display included 3.4 million gold bracelets, 2.5 million gold earrings, and a 2-carat gold necklace valued at N8 million.

Kizz Daniel’s Peculiar Compliment

Kizz Daniel’s reaction to Bobrisky’s jewelry exhibition raised eyebrows among social media users. In a post, he stated, “Not to pressure you but to motivate you this Sunday My …. Google Baby girl @bobrisky222 assignment #MyG M.” His choice of words, referring to Bobrisky as “his baby,” led to controversy and discussions online.

Mixed Reactions

The video initially received attention for Bobrisky’s opulent jewelry, with many impressed by the display. However, Kizz Daniel’s comment shifted the focus towards the unconventional compliment.

Social media users expressed a range of reactions, with some finding it inappropriate and others defending Kizz Daniel’s choice of words.

Debate Over Kizz Daniel’s Remark

Kizz Daniel’s remark has prompted a debate on social media, raising questions about the appropriateness of his reference to Bobrisky as “baby girl.”

Some argue that it was a harmless compliment, while others contend that it was a matter of insensitivity and disregard for Bobrisky’s identity.

Continuing Discussion

The discussion surrounding Kizz Daniel’s comment continues to unfold on social media, reflecting the diverse perspectives of the online community.

It highlights the complex nature of addressing public figures and gender identity in the digital age.