Kim Kardashian scores a victory in Blac Chyna’s $108 million defamation lawsuit

Kim Kardashian scores a victory in Blac Chyna’s $108 million defamation lawsuit

Kim Kardashian scored a victory today in the lawsuit Blac Chyna brought against she and her family when a judge dropped the defamation accusation against her.

The Kardashians’ attorney, Michael Rhodes, filed a motion for a ‘directed verdict’ asking Judge Gregory Alarcon to remove Kim from the defamation claims that Chyna brought against four family members.

Chyna is suing the Kris Jenner, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner of defamation and interference with contract, alleging they sought to get her ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ spinoff ‘Rob & Chyna,’ canceled before its second season.

During the trial, members of the Kardashian and Jenner clan testified that Chyna was abusive to Rob Kardashian during the couple’s turbulent relationship. Among those allegations were that Chyna pulled a gun on Rob and that she beat up with pole.

On Friday, Rhodes argued that none of the comments made by Kim in emails to her family or E! executives was defamatory.

And the judge agreed, saying in his written ruling that a hand-written brief on the issue handed in by Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, ‘fails to establish a defamatory statement made by Kim Kardashian.’

The motion for directed verdict is therefore granted as to Kim Kardashian as to the defamatory cause of action.’

The ruling reads, ‘There is no evidence that defendant Kim Kardashian took a ‘responsible part ‘ in the publication of the alleged statements by the other defendants.

Jurors began deliberations at 4.30pm in the bitter trial for which Chyna is seeking around $40million for lost earnings and around $60million in future earnings she claims she lost out on due to the alleged defamation.

Reports from the courtroom indicate that prior to the start of deliberations, there was a tense exchange between Chyna’s lawyer and Judge Alarcon.

The exchange was so tense that the court reporter had to interrupt them and ask that they not speak over each other.

In his closing statement, the Kardashians’ attorney, Rhodes, referred to the day of Chyna and Rob’s ‘big fight’ when she packed up and left their home with their baby girl dream.

During her testimony, Chyna denied that the couple were broken up at that point. But, Rhodes told jurors today, ‘She had to confirm the relationship was still ok because she has to convince you that the network still wanted her show.

‘This was not a relationship that any network executive wants on TV.’

E! network executives had told during testimony that Rob and Chyna was supposed to be a light hearted romantic comedy.

And the court was also told that a Rob and Chyna producer went to Chyna to tell her that if she wanted a second season of the show, she would have to mend her relationship with Rob and suggested counseling could help.

But her reaction to the suggestion, said Rhodes today was, ‘F—— no, f—that. F___ Rob. I’m not doing that.’

‘Is this the relationship you want to build your romantic comedy around,’ he asked. ‘Somebody who would say that to her baby’s father…..Would you put this on the air.

Asking the jury to ‘walk with me’ over to his clients, he pointed at them and said, ‘This is the child’s grandmother, her aunts…..’

Talking on the ‘pain and anguish’ on Rob Kardashian’s face during his testimony yesterdaym Rhodes said, ‘That was real. This is a real family. Yes they’re famous, but they’re real people.

 ‘Just because Rob is a big guy, doesn’t mean he can’t be a victim. How would you feel if you child went through this. Pictures Rob. What did he look like? Was that fake?

Talking of the emails Kris, Khloe and Kylie sent complaining about Chyna after the big bust up, Rhodes asked the jury, ‘They can’t express their concerns in somewhat colorful language, they have to come to court to defend themselves?’

Rhodes asked, ‘Did Chyna beat the s___ out of Rob? Yes, she did. It was true. It happened.’

And of Chyna’s denial that it happened, he said, ‘She’s trying to tell, ‘My dog ate my homework, that this is not true, it’s fake.’

 Rhodes said that several executives from E! and its parent company NBCUniversal all confirmed that the option to for a second season of Rob and Chyna was never picked up. ‘There was never a season two he,’ added.

He accused Chyna of ‘hiding her money’ and not filing tax returns for three years.

‘You cheated the government – but we’re going to give you millions of dollars – is that right?’ he asked the jury, adding that even though she was ordered by the court to turn over her financial records. ‘That’s concealment,’ he said.

During earlier testimony about the December 15, 2016 debacle between Chyna and Rob, she was accused of smashing a TV, a bedroom door and a Christmas gingerbread house.

‘The gingerbread house was silly, over the top and beautiful’ like the Kardashians,’ said Rhodes. When she smashed it, she was venting her anger on everything she was not going to be.’

He ended his closing settlement telling jurors, ‘It’s time to let the family start to heal. All that means is that you give us a verdict in favor of the defense. Otherwise this is going to go on and on and on.’