‘Killing his girlfriend…allegedly’: Rea Gopane lays into AKA [watch]

‘Killing his girlfriend…allegedly’: Rea Gopane lays into AKA [watch]

Last year, Rea Gopane brazenly claimed that Bonang Matheba introduced her then-boyfriend AKA into using cocaine – a move she later sued him for.

Speaking in his recent YouTube podcast this week, Rea Gopane ripped AKA to shreds.

Reflecting on the artist’s past few years he said of AKA: “There are ways that you can ruin your brand, and he has done it in every possible way.

“What’s the worst thing an artist can do at a very important time…kill your girlfriend…allegedly. Beat your girl’s ass in Ghana…allegedly. Leave your baby mama for this witch called Bonang…allegedly.

“Drugs being linked to your name, whack music, not living up to the par, it’s so bad”.

Comparing AKA to rival Cassper Nyovest, he said: “He’s not as bad as you [AKA] jumping his girlfriend over the f**king balcony. And being high on coke…allegedly”.

Of dating Nadia Nakai, Rea said of AKA: “He picked the wrong girl. He’s literally going to be in the headlines just for dating her”.


AKA and partner Nadia Nakai are currently embroiled in an R800 000 lawsuit against the tabloid Daily Sun.

This is after the publication published an article alleging the rapper assaulted his girlfriend in public in a Ghanian nightclub.

But Rea doesn’t think the process will be worthwhile when it comes to artists suing over allegations made against them.

Speaking of AKA’s defamation lawsuit against Daily Sun, he said: “AKA will have to spend R300 000 [in lawyer]s fees] before he gets anything back”.

‘Killing his girlfriend…allegedly’: Rea Gopane lays into AKA [watch] Thank You