Kibaki must be sinking holes-in one in heaven, says Archbishop Muheria

Kibaki must be sinking holes-in one in heaven, says Archbishop Muheria

Until his death on Friday last week, Kibaki served as patron of the Kenya Golf Union.

“I am sure he also loved golf so up there in heaven he must be getting hole-in-ones. He always wished to do that. For the last one week he is just enjoying, just the great things even those that are human,” said Muheria who presided over the mass for the final sendoff of Kenya’s third president

Kibaki who mostly played at the Muthaiga golf club was also closely involved in golfing activities in the country including sponsoring several golfing events at the Nyeri Golf Club, Muthaiga Golf Club and at Thika Sports Club.

He pointed out that the departed former Head of State never took offense even if he was told something he did not like and was quick to forgive.

Muheria noted that the late Kibaki had no enemies and was always smiling.

“It was a sly smile…it is a smile that was I am studying you, you know, let m see what this fellow is saying,” Muheria said

Muheria asked Kenyans to emulate the former Head of State in learning to be forgiving to each other.

The former president who served Kenya from 2002 to 2012 died on April 22 in what is attributed to sickness and old age complications.

Circumstances surrounding his death have not been made public officially, but his son Jimmy said last week that he had been ailing for several months, the past three being the worst.