Katy Perry Contemplates Departure from American Idol Amidst Viewer Backlash

Katy Perry Contemplates Departure from American Idol Amidst Viewer Backlash

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. Reports suggest that popstar and American Idol judge Katy Perry is considering leaving the program due to criticism from viewers.


Perry has been a part of the talent show since 2018, alongside fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

However, recent remarks made by Perry to contestants during the latest series have sparked backlash and raised concerns about her portrayal as a judge.

Backlash Over Comments:

Perry faced criticism on social media for comments she made to contestants during the recently concluded series.

One specific remark to hopeful Sara Beth Liebe triggered a ‘mum shaming scandal,’ drawing negative attention from viewers.

Additionally, feedback given to contestant Nutsa Buzaladze on multiple occasions also landed Perry in hot water with fans of the show.

Fear of Being Portrayed Negatively:

Allegedly, Katy Perry wants to quit American Idol due to worries about being seen as a ‘nasty judge’ and not wanting her involvement in the show to define her career.


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Sources claim that she is concerned about being “thrown under the bus by producers” who might have edited clips to make her look bad.

The specific comments in question were not specified.

Feeling Upset by Criticism:

The source revealed that Perry became aware of the harsh criticism she received and was particularly affected by getting booed.

Despite attempting to do her job, she now faces the label of a “nasty reality show judge” despite her achievements in her career.

Controversial Moments:

Several incidents during the series fueled the backlash against Perry.

One occasion involved her questioning Nutsa’s use of glitter in her performance, which drew boos from the audience.

Another incident saw Perry criticize the performance of Nutsa and fellow contestant Carina DeAngelo, describing it as underwhelming and claiming their energy was lacking.

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“Mum Shaming” Comment:

Katy Perry’s comment to mother-of-three Sara Beth during an episode also drew calls for her replacement.


After Sara Beth mentioned feeling like she would pass out if Perry laid on the table, Perry responded, “Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much,” referencing her having three kids.

Viewers and social media users criticized Perry for what they saw as disrespectful “mom shaming.”

Mixed Reactions:

Reactions from viewers varied, with some strongly condemning Perry’s comments and calling for her removal from American Idol.

Others defended her, stating that the reaction was too sensitive and that it was just a joke.

Sara Beth herself initially expressed embarrassment and hurt but later mentioned not being angry and encouraged uplifting women.


Katy Perry’s potential departure from American Idol due to viewer backlash reflects the challenges faced by judges in talent shows, where comments and interactions are under scrutiny.

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The controversy surrounding her remarks and the impact on her reputation highlight the importance of maintaining sensitivity and respect while fulfilling the role of a judge on a widely watched program.

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