Katie Price Opens Up About Betrayal by Former Friends While Reflecting on a Mid-2000s Throwback Moment

Katie Price, a mother of five, recently delved into her past, highlighting moments from her reality TV show.

Among these memories, she shared a throwback photo from the mid-2000s, sparking mixed emotions.

In the picture, the former Celebrity Big Brother winner radiated happiness, standing alongside three friends, all dressed in bridal gowns for a wedding-themed night out.

Her attire of choice was a breathtaking white ballgown adorned with pearls and glitter, featuring a plunging sweetheart neckline.

Katie had her long blonde hair styled in loose beachy waves, perfectly complementing her glamorous makeup.

Her youthful radiance was enhanced with a hint of blush on her cheeks and a touch of bronzer.

Her captivating look was completed with a sultry smoky eye, a dramatic winged eyeliner, generous lashings of black mascara, and a swipe of nude pink lipstick topped with clear lip gloss.

A Bittersweet Memory

However, beneath the surface of this nostalgic image, Katie Price revealed a less-than-happy recollection.

In her caption, she offered her followers a glimpse into a friendship that had gone sour, expressing how she could never have foreseen the betrayal by two of her friends.

The former glamour model claimed her former pals claimed “betrayed her” (Image: Instagram)

Remaining Close with a True Friend

Despite the turbulence in her past friendships, Katie Price still shares a close bond with one of her pals, as indicated by a tag in her post.

She reassured her followers that this particular friendship endures, emphasizing their unwavering support for each other.

Frustrations Overlooked in the Media

Katie’s recent frustrations extend beyond her past friendships. She expressed her discontent with the media, specifically her son Junior’s recent appearance on the ITV daytime show, Loose Women.

During his interview discussing his new single “Only One,” Katie noticed a glaring omission.

Despite her significant presence in her son’s life, she felt neglected as there was no mention of her during the 15-minute slot.

Katie lamented the one-sided focus, highlighting her history on Big Brother with Nadia and her previous role as a presenter on Loose Women.

She speculated that her absence from the conversation was a deliberate choice, shedding light on the challenges and cruelty she perceives within the entertainment industry.