Kate Middleton’s Dazzling Debut: The Strathmore Rose Tiara’s Century-Old Elegance

At the recent State Banquet for the President and First Lady of South Korea, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, made a captivating choice by donning the 100-year-old Strathmore Rose Tiara.

In a departure from its previous appearance on the Queen Mother, Kate positioned the floral diamond design two inches back from her hairline.

The shift in placement prompted inquiries into the reasons behind this change.

Comments on Tiara Placement:

According to Carol Woolton, an expert in jewelry and podcaster, the decision to position the tiara differently is likely rooted in comfort.

The historical weight and discomfort associated with such tiaras, colloquially known as “family fenders,” may have influenced Kate’s choice to wear it in a more relaxed manner.

Despite the deviation, Kate’s elegance and poise stood out as she joined other royals in welcoming dignitaries.

Historical Significance of the Strathmore Rose Tiara:

The Strathmore Rose Tiara, a gift to the Queen Mother from her parents in 1923, made a significant impact at the State Banquet.

With a floral diamond design, it was considered fashionable in the 1920s, worn low on the forehead as a bandeau.

The tiara’s origins date back to the late nineteenth century, and its detachable diamond flowers could also be worn as brooches.

Tiara Transformations Across Generations:

Josie Goodbody, an author and jewelry editor, emphasized the trend of wearing bandeaux low on the forehead during the 1920s.

The ability to repurpose tiaras into various jewelry forms was a common practice.

Carol Woolton further stressed that heirlooms like the Strathmore Rose Tiara demonstrate their timeless beauty when worn in new ways across generations.

Kate Middleton’s Tiara Choices:

Kate Middleton’s choice to wear the Strathmore Rose Tiara is notable, considering her limited appearances in tiaras since joining the Royal Family.

Previous tiara selections include the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, Cartier Halo, and Lotus Flower Tiara.

The latter, originally worn low across the forehead by the Queen Mother, saw a different placement when worn by Kate.

Tiara Trends and Fashion Revival:

Josie Goodbody highlighted the versatility of bandeaux, which could be easily dismantled and repurposed for different occasions.

Princess Diana notably transformed Queen Mary’s Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Choker into a bandeau during the Royal Tour of Australia in 1985, reviving a 60-year-old trend.

King Charles’s Approval:

King Charles, now overseeing the royal jewelry collection, likely granted Kate permission to wear the Strathmore Rose Tiara.

His affection for Kate was evident in recent remarks where he referred to her as his “beloved daughter-in-law” during a speech in Kenya.


The Strathmore Rose Tiara’s resurgence in royal fashion, courtesy of Kate Middleton, adds a chapter to its storied history.

The blending of tradition with a modern touch reflects the enduring allure of heirloom jewelry, as seen in the graceful adornment at the State Banquet.

Kate’s choice resonates as a celebration of timeless elegance and the continuity of royal style across generations.