Kate Middleton has 2 almost-invisible tactics for standing in heels for hours

Kate Middleton has 2 almost-invisible tactics for standing in heels for hours

Though unpleasant, Kate Middleton understands how to make heels seem good.

The Princess of Wales is said to use at least two strategies to maintain both comfort and stylish attire at all times since she is typically on her feet for hours at royal engagements.

Insider previously talked with Beaumont Etiquette creator and etiquette expert Myka Meier about the precise goods the British royal is said to use.

According to photos, Kate Middleton is sporting tights with non-slip grips.

Meier said that Kate uses non-slip tights from John Lewis, an upscale department shop in the UK, to keep her feet from falling out of her heels.

The transparent stockings include gel strips on the bottom of each foot that adhere to the bottoms of shoes and are sold for £6, or about $6.38.

Royal admirers earlier noticed a picture of Kate seeming to be wearing the tights when on a royal trip of Canada in July 2011, Footwear News reported in 2017.

In the picture, the Princess of Wales is wearing pointed Tabitha Simmons heels with transparent, gel-like strips poking out from the side.

On the third day of the trip, Kate wore the shoes as well when she went to Sainte-Justine University Hospital in Montreal.

Leather insoles are reportedly also used by The Princess of Wales.

Meier previously revealed to Insider that Kate has been seen sporting the British designer Rachel Bowditch’s Alice Bow insoles.

The slip-in leather soles by Alice Bow, which sell for $22.95 in the US, are said to cushion your feet so you can wear any kind of shoe—including high heels—comfortably for hours.

Katie Nicholl, the royal journalist for Vanity Fair, was informed by an unidentified source in 2015 that Kate had “purchased a couple of packages” of the Alice Bow insoles. The insider said, “She thinks they are fantastic.”

A representative for Alice Bow at the time informed Vanity Fair that the business was unable to comment on “reports of the duchess using [their] insoles.”

The representative said, “We have witnessed a significant rise in site traffic, nevertheless.”

A earlier request for comment from Insider was not answered by Alice Bow’s representatives.

There is no established convention governing the appropriate footwear for royals.

However, Victoria Arbiter, a royal specialist, asserts that throughout her 70-year reign, the late Queen Elizabeth II strictly prohibited the wearing of stockings in public.

According to Arbiter, “you never see a royal without their nude stockings.” “I’d say that’s essentially the single unbending requirement of the Queen,” said the speaker.

Meier continued, saying that while “doing their royal obligations in their professional capacities,” British royals often adhere to this rule.

The same is true of their footwear, with the royal family making care to choose “suitable” footwear for the situation. For example, Meier noted that Kate wore “sneakers and flats for more casual or athletic-themed occasions.”

»Kate Middleton has 2 almost-invisible tactics for standing in heels for hours«

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