Prince William and Kate Speak Out Against Recent Hamas Terror

Royal Condemnation of Hamas Attacks

Prince William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, have issued a strong condemnation of Hamas’ terror attacks on Israeli civilians, expressing profound distress at the devastating events that have recently transpired.

William’s Historic Visit to Israel

Prince William’s historical visit to Israel and Palestine in 2018 marked the first official visit by a member of the British Royal family to the Jewish state.

A Message of Hope Amid Suffering

The spokesperson for the royal couple acknowledged Israel’s right to self-defense and emphasized the shared grief, fear, and anger experienced by both Israelis and Palestinians.

The Prince and Princess hold the victims, their families, and friends in their hearts and minds, standing united in the hope for a better future.

King Charles Appalled by Terrorism

King Charles, earlier described as “appalled” by the “barbaric acts” of terrorism in Israel, has shown deep concern for the situation and actively seeks updates on the ongoing Hamas attacks.

Unprecedented Retaliation and Human Toll

Israel has pledged an unprecedented retaliation against Hamas following their attacks on Israeli civilians.

This retaliation includes air strikes on Gaza and the restriction of essential supplies into the territory.

The human toll has been devastating, with over 1,200 people killed in the attacks, including revellers at a music festival and families, including children and infants.

UK Foreign Secretary’s Visit to Israel

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly arrived in Israel to demonstrate unwavering solidarity with their Middle East ally.

He plans to meet survivors of the attacks and senior Israeli leaders to affirm UK support for Israel’s right to self-defense.

British Nationals Affected and Ongoing Conflict

The ongoing conflict has impacted a significant number of British-Israeli nationals, with at least seventeen feared dead or missing.

The UK government is closely monitoring the situation in the region, which has already claimed over 2,100 lives on both sides.

Known Victims and Fast-Moving Situation

Among the known casualties are Nathanel Young, Bernard Cowan, and others.

The situation in the region is evolving rapidly, making it challenging to confirm figures for those believed dead or missing.

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