Kansas Judge’s Ruling Leaves Women “Even More Vulnerable” to Abortion Industry

Kansas Judge Blocks Enforcement of State’s Abortion Restrictions

A Kansas judge has blocked the enforcement of a number of the state’s abortion restrictions, including a ban on abortion after 22 weeks, a requirement for parental consent for minors seeking abortions, and a ban on using state funds for abortions.

Kansas Judge Strikes Down 25 Years of Abortion Restrictions

The judge’s ruling, which came in response to a lawsuit filed by abortion providers, effectively overturned 25 years of abortion restrictions in the state.

Kansas Judge’s Ruling Leaves Women “Even More Vulnerable” to Abortion Industry

Pro-life groups in Kansas have condemned the judge’s ruling, saying that it leaves women “even more vulnerable” to the abortion industry.

Kansas Judge Removes “Basic Protections” for Women Seeking Abortion

Danielle Underwood, a spokeswoman for Kansans for Life, said in a statement that the judge’s ruling removes “basic protections” for women seeking abortion in the state.

She said that the laws under injunction were “reasonable, most common-sense restrictions that had been placed on abortion over the course of 20 years or more.”

Kansas Judge’s Ruling a “Nightmare for Women” and “Dream Come True for Abortion Industry”

Underwood said that the judge’s ruling is a “nightmare for women” and a “dream come true for the abortion industry.”

She said that women will pay the price for the “deceitful practices of the abortion industry that consistently puts its own profits above all else.


The judge’s ruling is a significant victory for abortion rights advocates in Kansas. It is unclear how the state will respond to the ruling, but it is likely that the issue will be litigated further.

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