Kaduna State partners with Google to Train 5000 Women in Tech

Kaduna State partners with Google to Train 5000 Women in Tech

The Kaduna State Government, in partnership with Google, has announced a ground-breaking project to teach 5,000 women and girls in data science, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurial application of digital technologies.

This is a huge step towards boosting tech inclusivity.

By equipping 20,000 more women and young people in Nigeria with 21st-century skills, this effort, which is a component of a larger skills development program backed by Google.org, hopes to position them for possibilities in the digital and creative industries.

“Inclusion in technology is not just about social equity; it’s about economic progress,” said Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani.

By educating and equipping our women with digital skills, we’re eradicating gender stereotypes and paving the way for rapid economic development.

This collaboration with Google demonstrates our dedication to utilizing our women’s enormous potential for the socioeconomic improvement of Kaduna State and Nigeria as a whole.

In order to promote economic progress, the Kaduna State Government has continuously emphasized the need of utilizing technology.

The involvement of women in technology is essential to this aim.

The state seeks to empower this group in recognition of their potential to make substantial contributions to the digital economy and the larger socioeconomic environment by offering targeted tech training and assuring accessibility.

Data Science Nigeria, which will create Arewa Tech4Ladies, will run the program.

By providing specialized women-focused learning, mentorship, and job placement support facilities, this initiative is designed to serve four important semi-urban and rural communities in Kaduna State.

The future of technology in Nigeria depends on maximizing the potential of every person, regardless of gender, said Olumide Balogun, Google Director for West Africa.

Our partnership with the Kaduna State Government is evidence of our unwavering faith in the ability of women in tech to alter industries.

We’re committed to promoting a more inclusive digital environment with Google.org’s help, making sure that each trained woman serves as a catalyst for change in the IT industry.

This partnership demonstrates both sides’ commitment to advancing diversity in the tech sector and, eventually, enhancing Nigeria’s economic livelihoods through the digital economy.