Justice Denied? Liz Neailey’s Fight Against Parole for Son Wesley’s Murderer, Dominic McKilligan, Intensifies in Northumberland

Justice Denied? Liz Neailey’s Fight Against Parole for Son Wesley’s Murderer, Dominic McKilligan, Intensifies in Northumberland

Liz Neailey’s world shattered nearly 26 years ago when her son, Wesley, vanished without a trace after she waved him off on his bike to buy sweets.

Wesley, just 11 years old at the time, was last seen alive before falling victim to a known sex offender.

The Brutal Murder:

Wesley’s innocence was brutally snatched away when he was bludgeoned and strangled by the remorseless Dominic McKilligan, who callously hid the young boy’s body in woodland.

The discovery of Wesley’s remains in July 1998 plunged Liz into an unending nightmare of grief and despair.

The Fight for Justice:

McKilligan, described as a “dangerous, manipulative, callous paedophile and killer” by the judge at his trial, has repeatedly been denied parole.

However, his recent successful bid for a personal Parole Board hearing, despite his refusal to admit guilt, has reignited fears and anguish for Wesley’s family.

A Mother’s Desperation:

Liz Neailey, still haunted by memories of her son’s murder, vehemently opposes McKilligan’s potential release, labeling him as “the devil himself.”

She fears McKilligan’s manipulative nature and believes he poses a significant threat to society, particularly children.

The Dark Past:

McKilligan’s history of depravity began at a young age, marked by convictions of gross indecency against children.

His chilling pattern of manipulation and violence culminated in Wesley’s tragic fate, leaving a scar of trauma and loss that continues to torment his loved ones.

The Search for Closure:

Former Detective Superintendent Trevor Fordy, who led the investigation into Wesley’s murder, recalls McKilligan’s deceitful tactics and lack of remorse.

Despite McKilligan’s claims and lies, justice prevailed as he was convicted of rape and murder.

A Life Stolen, a Future Lost:

Wesley’s mother, Liz, mourns the milestones and memories she was robbed of sharing with her son.

As McKilligan seeks parole, the prospect of his potential freedom serves as a harrowing reminder of Wesley’s stolen future and the enduring pain inflicted on his family.

A Warning Against Release:

McKilligan’s half-sister, speaking out against his potential release, emphasizes his irredeemable nature and the perpetual danger he poses.

She echoes Liz’s sentiments, expressing concern for potential future victims and advocating against McKilligan’s return to society.

The Long Road Ahead:

As McKilligan awaits his parole hearing, the Neailey family and their supporters remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice for Wesley.

Despite the passage of time, their determination to ensure McKilligan remains behind bars serves as a testament to their unwavering love for Wesley and their commitment to safeguarding others from similar tragedies.


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