Judy begged me to sign her as a brand ambassador out of jealousy toward May

Unveiling Judy’s Proposal

Formerly acquainted with Judy Austin, Sarah Martins divulged a surprising revelation regarding Judy’s proposal.

She recounted how Judy had approached her, seeking endorsement as a brand ambassador for Pepper May Edochie.

According to Sarah, Judy made this request due to her own struggles in securing brand deals, attributed to negative narratives circulating about her on the internet.

The Ploy to Disconcert Rivals

In a strategic move to counteract the adverse online portrayal, Judy aimed to enlist Sarah as the face of her skincare products.

The motive behind this scheme was to unsettle her competitors, particularly May Edochie, by leveraging Sarah’s involvement as a brand ambassador.

Personal Resolutions Amidst Turmoil

During an interview with Daddy Freeze, Sarah Martins revealed familial counsel advising her to distance herself from the marital discord within the Edochie family.

Prompted by this guidance, she publicly extended an apology to May Edochie, seeking reconciliation and a resolution to their differences.

A Fractured Friendship

Reflecting on her friendship with Judy, Sarah disclosed the aftermath of her reconciliation with May.

Unexpectedly, Judy reacted with displeasure to Sarah’s public apology and reconciliation efforts.

Expressing her ire, Judy asserted her refusal to honor any outstanding financial commitments owed to Sarah.

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