Judge Lifts Anonymity Order: Names and Faces Revealed in Brutal Schoolboy Murder Case

Judge Lifts Anonymity Order: Names and Faces Revealed in Brutal Schoolboy Murder Case

...By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

The anonymity order in the case of a schoolboy’s brutal knife attack has been lifted by a judge, allowing the public to know the identities of the teenage perpetrators.


The individuals responsible for the crime are Jakele Pusey, aged 15, and Jovani Harriott, aged 17.

They left Khayri Mclean, a 15-year-old, to die.

The judge’s decision to remove the reporting restriction was influenced by YorkshireLive’s anti-knife crime campaign, Bin the Life, Save a Knife.

Sentencing and Convictions:

Jakele Pusey received a minimum sentence of 16 years in prison for the attack that occurred outside North Huddersfield Trust School on September 21 the previous year.

Following his release, Pusey will be on life-long license.

Jovani Harriott, on the other hand, was given a minimum sentence of 18 years.

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Pusey pleaded guilty to murder earlier in the year, while Harriot was found guilty after a trial at Leeds Crown Court in March.

Both had previously pleaded guilty to possession of a knife.

The Brutal Attack:

According to the court proceedings, the teenagers had “lay in wait” for Khayri as he walked home from school.

Pusey shouted “Yo Khayri” before delivering a fatal blow to his chest.

Harriott was captured on CCTV “twisting in the air” and then lunging at Khayri, stabbing him in the leg with a large knife.

Following the attack, both teenagers fled the scene, changed their clothes, while Khayri collapsed and received medical attention.

Unfortunately, he did not survive.

Carefully Planned Attack:

During the court hearing, it was revealed that the attack was carefully planned.


The prosecutor, Jonathan Sandiford, stated that the teenagers took a longer route instead of directly walking up the road outside the school where the attack took place.

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This indicates a premeditated act of violence.

Lack of Remorse:

While in custody at HMP Wetherby, Pusey expressed “no remorse” for the murder during a conversation.

This callous statement further highlights the gravity of the crime.

Impact and Response:

Detective Superintendent Marc Bowes, who led the investigation, emphasized the devastating consequences of knife crime and the culture of carrying weapons.

The murder of Khayri outside his school shocked the nation and underscored the tragic nature of such crimes.

Bowes stated that it would be difficult for many to comprehend how a seemingly minor dispute resulted in the stabbing death of a fellow student at the end of an ordinary school day.

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Although the lengthy sentences handed to Pusey and Harriott cannot bring Khayri back, they will ensure that two dangerous individuals are off the streets for many years to come.


The impact of Khayri’s loss continues to be deeply felt by his loved ones and friends.


The anonymity order has been lifted, allowing the public to know the identities of the teenagers involved in the brutal knife attack on Khayri Mclean.

The severity and premeditated nature of the crime, along with the lack of remorse expressed by one of the perpetrators, emphasize the devastating consequences of knife crime.

The sentences imposed on Pusey and Harriott aim to keep them off the streets, ensuring the safety of the community.


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