Joslin Smith’s Mysterious Disappearance – Behavioral Expert Analyzes Mother and Boyfriend’s Words

Joslin Smith’s Mysterious Disappearance – Behavioral Expert Analyzes Mother and Boyfriend’s Words

As the investigation into the disappearance of Joslin Smith unfolds, a behavioral analyst has scrutinized the public statements made by Joslin’s mother, Kelly, and her boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis, also known as Boeta.

The couple, along with a third individual, faces charges of kidnapping and human trafficking related to the Saldanha Bay girl’s disappearance.

The analyst’s examination revealed what they consider “multiple red flags” in the statements provided by the couple.

Kelly’s Statements

According to the behavioral analyst, Kelly’s statements revealed a self-centered narrative.

They noted that Kelly prioritized herself, showing little concern for her missing daughter.

The analyst pointed out Kelly’s emphasis on her own situation, questioning whether she was attempting to establish an alibi, possibly claiming she was at work during the disappearance.

The use of the present tense in discussing Joslin was highlighted, suggesting Kelly’s close awareness of the timing of the incident.

Additionally, the analyst raised concerns about Kelly’s use of potentially deceptive language when attributing information to “people,” suggesting an attempt to divert attention.

Boeta’s Statements

In Boeta’s statements, the behavioral analyst identified a mix of present and past tenses, signaling potential deception.

Boeta’s insistence on being “really, really honest” was viewed skeptically, with the analyst noting that truthful individuals typically do not feel the need to emphasize their honesty.

The term “story-telling” was employed by the analyst to describe Boeta’s narrative, expressing a lack of genuine concern for Joslin and a sense of deceptive storytelling.

The statements provided by Boeta lacked clarity, adding to the analyst’s suspicions.

Legal Developments and Bail Abandonment

Meanwhile, Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly, Boeta, and a third accused, Steveno van Rhyn, have collectively abandoned their bail applications.

This decision comes amidst the ongoing legal proceedings, and the National Prosecuting Authority is actively exploring information related to the whereabouts of the missing child.

The trio is scheduled to appear in the Vredenburg Magistrates Court on May 13.


As the behavioral analyst sheds light on potential discrepancies in the statements made by Kelly and Boeta, the legal process continues to unfold.

The decision to abandon bail applications and the pursuit of information regarding Joslin’s whereabouts underscore the complexity and gravity of the case.

The analysis provides valuable insights into the nuances of the statements, contributing to the broader effort to unravel the circumstances surrounding Joslin Smith’s disappearance.


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