Josh O’Connor talks about how being rendered anonymous by The Crown affected him.

Josh O’Connor talks about how being rendered anonymous by The Crown affected him.

Josh O’Connor commented on how his life altered after appearing in The Crown and claimed that the effects of losing your privacy are sometimes “underestimated.”

In the Netflix royal drama, the British actor, 33, who played the King when he was younger, earned an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

He appeared in seasons three and four, appearing in the later season’s Diana, Princess of Wales episode opposite Emma Corrin.

O’Connor told GQ Hype magazine that it was a “f*****-up time” to move from relative anonymity to being photographed in public and asked about his opinions of the royal family. People stopped me because it had such an impact on me.

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You want to be associated with successful and well-known things, yet we frequently underestimate the impact of even a tiny loss of anonymity.
The actor was not initially interested in the part, but after reading the season three screenplay, in which Charles assumes the position of the Prince of Wales, he grew attracted by it.

O’Connor responded, “I felt really happy for (Charles), because it must feel like his whole life has led up to that moment,” when asked about the King’s coronation earlier this year.I’m sure wearing an extremely pricey hat at a classy cathedral is the cherry on top.
Since The Crown, O’Connor has been in a variety of films, including the upcoming romance drama La Chimera, the Irish drama Aisha from 2022, and the sports rom-com Challengers with Zendaya.

As he said, “What I was doing in my career before The Crown – I just wanted to carry on doing that.”
O’Connor also disclosed that he performed in a school play of Bugsy Malone in order to win the admiration of Tahliah Barnett, a classmate who later became the musician FKA Twigs.
“This is amusing, even if I really shouldn’t be saying it. To basically try to convince Twigs to go out with me, I was in a band called Orange Output,” he continued.

When questioned, Twigs told GQ Hype: “I’m very flattered that he tried to do that because I was definitely not cool and not particularly popular.” The actor claimed that he does not believe she is aware of who he is.