Documentary ‘High & Low’ Captures John Galliano’s Shame and Redemption Journey After Hitler Remarks

Documentary ‘High & Low’ Captures John Galliano’s Shame and Redemption Journey After Hitler Remarks

Renowned designer John Galliano, known for his infamous departure from Dior in 2011, has expressed profound regret and self-loathing in a new documentary titled ‘High & Low.’

The film, directed by Kevin Macdonald, delves into Galliano’s rise to fame, subsequent fall due to anti-Semitic remarks, and his journey towards redemption.

Infamous Video Resurfaces: Galliano’s Shocking ‘Love for Hitler’ Remarks

Galliano faced public outrage and job termination in 2011 when a damning video surfaced, showcasing him expressing affection for Hitler and making anti-Semitic comments to a woman he believed was Jewish.

The shocking footage led to his departure from Dior and a tarnished reputation.

Galliano’s Emotional Response: ‘I Couldn’t Recognize That Person’

In the documentary, Galliano reacts emotionally to the resurfaced footage, stating, “I couldn’t recognize that person.

I was horrified. Ashamed. Embarrassed.” He acknowledges the gravity of his past actions and emphasizes the need for personal growth and unlearning ingrained prejudices.

Reckoning with the Past: Galliano Acknowledges ‘Disgusting, Foul’ Behavior

Expressing remorse, Galliano describes his past actions as “a disgusting, foul thing that I did.”

The documentary captures his journey of self-reflection, revealing the inner turmoil and self-disgust that followed the public revelation of his anti-Semitic remarks.

Natalie Portman’s Response: Face of Dior Distances Herself

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman, the face of Dior at the time, distanced herself from Galliano, expressing outrage over his comments.

She emphasized the importance of reflecting on and combating existing prejudices, firmly stating her decision not to be associated with him.

Legal Consequences: Galliano’s Trial and Admission of Wrongdoing

In 2011, Galliano faced legal repercussions for his actions. At his one-day trial, he admitted to making anti-Semitic and racist comments, attributing his behavior to struggles with addiction.

He received two suspended fines totaling 6,000 euros, maintaining his stance of not being inherently anti-Semitic or racist.

Galliano’s Struggles: Addiction, Workload, and Depression

Galliano has consistently attributed his actions to a challenging period marked by addiction to alcohol, Valium, and sleeping tablets.

Reports suggest that he sought rehabilitation to address his substance abuse issues.

Additionally, he cited struggles with his workload and depression following the deaths of his father and close friend Alexander McQueen.

Perspectives from ‘High & Low’ Documentary: Regret and Allegations of Racism

Director Kevin Macdonald captures diverse perspectives in the documentary, including an interview with Philippe Virgitti, whom Galliano referred to as ‘an Asian b*****d.’ Virgitti expresses regret, retracting his earlier characterization of the incident as a “simple bar dispute,” and now labeling Galliano as racist and anti-Semitic.

Galliano’s Apology: Atonement and the Path to Redemption

Despite the controversies, Galliano argues that he apologized in court for his actions.

The documentary reveals Galliano’s desire to convey a message of hope to addicts, emphasizing that even in the darkest times, redemption and recovery are possible.

Continued Inquiry: Seeking Comments from Galliano’s Representatives

MailOnline has reached out to John Galliano’s representatives for comment, seeking insights into his current perspective on the documentary and his ongoing journey of redemption.

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