Johannesburg Metro Police Department Cracks Down on Public Urination, Holds Offenders Accountable for Cleaning Up

Johannesburg Metro Police Department Cracks Down on Public Urination, Holds Offenders Accountable for Cleaning Up

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has shown unwavering dedication to enforcing certain bylaws pertaining to hygiene in the inner city, particularly addressing the issue of public urination that plagues the central business district (CBD).


JMPD Holds Public Accountable for Cleaning Up After Themselves

On Saturday, May 27, the JMPD officers once again demonstrated their commitment by compelling a taxi driver to clean up his own urine after he relieved himself in the inner city.

Fighting the Irresponsible Act of Public Urination

With the aim of establishing a clean and safe environment, the JMPD operations officers insisted that the offender take responsibility for his thoughtless actions by requiring him to clean up his own urine, as stated by the JMPD.

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Past Incidents of JMPD Enforcing Accountability

During the previous month, the JMPD actively identified and confronted residents engaging in such irresponsible behavior, making them clean up after urinating on the streets.

One incident involved an individual being ordered to rectify the situation after urinating in public near the JMPD Command Post Bus located at St Mary’s Cathedral on Wanderers and De Villiers Street in the Johannesburg CBD.

Similarly, another man was compelled to mop up his urine after urinating next to St Mary’s Cathedral on Wanderers Street.

Public Support for JMPD’s Actions

The public has responded positively to the Metro officials’ actions, commending their enforcement of bylaws and viewing them as an opportunity to educate individuals about hygiene.


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The JMPD’s efforts to restore order in the street vending space, which has become an eyesore in the CBD vicinity, have also received praise.

Encouraging Cleanliness Among Informal Traders

JMPD Director Jaca recently took to the streets, urging informal traders at De Villiers between Wanderers and Rissik Streets in the JHB CBD to maintain cleanliness in their business areas.

Stressing the importance of a clean and sanitary trading environment, Jaca emphasized that informal traders must keep their occupied areas in proper condition during a cleanup initiative.


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