Jodie Marsh Suffers Painful “Flying Kick” from Emu – Fans Advise Breast Check

I. Introduction: Jodie Marsh’s Animal Sanctuary Adventure

Former pin-up model Jodie Marsh, now known for her work in running an animal sanctuary in Essex, recently shared an unusual encounter with her fans.

The star revealed that she had suffered a painful “flying kick” from an emu, leaving her bruised.

Her followers, expressing concern, advised her to get her breast checked following the incident.

II. Jodie Marsh’s Bruised Encounter with the Emu

Jodie Marsh, who transitioned from her modeling career to run an animal sanctuary in Essex, posted an image on Instagram showcasing a purple bruise on her breast.

In the photo, the 44-year-old star posed alongside her colleague Steph, both lifting their tops to reveal similar marks on their chests.

Jodie playfully attributed the bruises to “farm life,” hinting at the challenges of working with animals.

III. Fans’ Reactions and Concerns

Upon seeing the bruise on Jodie’s breast, one fan inquired whether she had been kicked by a pony.

Surprisingly, Jodie revealed that her injury was the result of a “flying kick” from an emu, a large bird known for its powerful legs.

IV. Fan Concerns and Health Suggestions

Shocked by the severity of the bruise, Jodie’s followers expressed their concern and urged the star to have it examined by a medical professional.

They emphasized the importance of being cautious in such situations. Some comments included phrases like “Please keep an eye on it,” “get it checked out,” and “better to be safe.”

Fans also highlighted potential risks associated with breast injuries, such as the possibility of abscesses.

V. Fan Recommendations and Suggestions

Some fans recommended that Jodie should consider wearing “boob protection” during her work with animals to avoid such injuries in the future.

The general sentiment among Jodie’s followers was one of care and concern for her well-being.

VI. Jodie Marsh’s Transition to Animal Advocacy

Jodie Marsh, who initially rose to fame as a Page 3 model and appeared in various reality shows, changed the course of her career in 2020 by founding her animal sanctuary, Fripps Farm.

Her dedication to animal welfare has become a central focus of her life, and her recent encounter with the emu serves as a testament to the unpredictable challenges that come with running an animal sanctuary.