’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Discloses Family’s ‘Buddy’ System and Six-Inch Rule

’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Discloses Family’s ‘Buddy’ System and Six-Inch Rule

Jill Duggar Dillard Opens Up About Strict Childhood Rules on The Unplanned Podcast

Jill Duggar Dillard, 32, of the renowned Duggar family, recently shed light on the stringent rules imposed during her childhood in a candid interview on The Unplanned Podcast.

The ’19 Kids And Counting’ star delved into various aspects of her upbringing, including a unique ‘buddy’ system and a surprising ‘six-inch rule.’

The ‘Buddy’ System: Sibling Responsibility from a Young Age

Reflecting on her childhood, Jill disclosed the existence of a ‘buddy’ system implemented by her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

In this system, older siblings were assigned the responsibility of looking after younger ones, ensuring that no child was overlooked.

Jill herself became a ‘buddy’ at the tender age of six, illustrating the hands-on approach within the Duggar household.

Family Dynamics and Sibling Care: A Closer Look

Jill emphasized the evolving roles of ‘buddies’ as the children grew older. Despite this system, both parents actively participated in childcare, even during nighttime.

Jill praised her mother’s nurturing personality, highlighting her continuous involvement in the children’s well-being.

The ‘Six-Inch Rule’: Navigating Relationships Under Strict Guidelines

Another intriguing revelation from Jill involved the implementation of a ‘six-inch rule’ concerning interactions with the opposite sex.

This rule dictated maintaining six inches of space between individuals until marriage. Jill and her now-husband, Derick Dillard, adhered to these guidelines, refraining from holding hands until their engagement and saving their first kiss for their wedding day in 2014.

Influence of Religious Beliefs: Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) Values

Jill connected these rules to the values instilled by the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), an ultra-Christian organization to which the Duggar family belongs.

Under these teachings, she stressed the importance of submitting to parental authority throughout life, framing disobedience as potentially leading to undesirable consequences.

Challenges to Parental Norms: Jill’s Journey Beyond Upbringing

Jill revealed instances where she deviated from her parents’ expectations, citing her choice to wear pants as an example.

This decision, considered against the norm, was perceived by her parents as potentially jeopardizing her salvation.

These challenges to familial norms, according to Jill, extended beyond her reality show presence and were deeply rooted in the IBLP values.

Jill Duggar’s Ongoing Struggles: Finances, Relationships, and Personal Choices

Jill’s revelations about her upbringing add to the ongoing narrative of her struggles within the Duggar family.

Beyond childhood rules, she has previously voiced concerns about financial disparities within the family, accusations of being unpaid for TV appearances, and her discomfort with certain aspects of reality show filming.

Duggar Family Secrets Unveiled: Jill’s Battle for Distributions

The Duggar family’s secrets took center stage in the Amazon Prime docuseries, “Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets.” Jill claimed her father coerced her into a contract, compelling her to continue filming against her will.

She also discussed being denied distributions from the reported $18 million earned by the family during their TV run.

Ongoing Legal and Personal Battles: Jill’s Fight for Autonomy

Jill’s journey, marked by legal battles and personal struggles, has become a prominent aspect of the broader Duggar family narrative.

Her recent revelations provide insight into the complexities of navigating familial and religious expectations in the public eye.

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