‘Terrified Jewish Theatregoer Hounded at Soho Theatre- Comedian Unfurls Palestinian Flag, Chants Erupt’

Allegations of Hostility:

A Jewish theatregoer, Liahav Eitan, recounts a harrowing experience at London’s Soho Theatre, where comedian Paul Currie allegedly incited a crowd to chant ‘get the f*** out’ and ‘free Palestine,’ leading to a tense confrontation.

Eitan, celebrating his 33rd birthday, expresses fear of violence and calls for Currie’s ban from theatres.

Comedian’s Controversial Performance:

Paul Currie, known for his ‘absurdist’ style, reportedly pulled out a Palestinian flag at the end of his show, demanding a standing ovation.

When Eitan and his friend chose to stay seated, Currie confronted them, escalating tensions. Currie’s actions, performed hours after attending a pro-Palestine rally, have sparked unease and allegations of promoting a hostile environment.

Audience’s Uneasy Retreat:

Eitan and his friend, feeling threatened by what they describe as a ‘mob mentality,’ fled the Soho Theatre to Bloomsbury, aiming to distance themselves from the situation.

Eitan emphasizes concerns about potential violence and the need to escape the perceived hostility within the venue.

Comedian’s Response and Unfolding Events:

Currie, who shares pro-Palestine content, allegedly expressed surprise at Eitan’s response, sarcastically thanking him for not standing up.

Eitan details how Currie continued to confront them, eventually leading a chant of ‘Ceasefire now, and free Palestine,’ adding to the distressing atmosphere.

Theatre Apology and Investigation:

Soho Theatre issues an apology for the ‘upset and hurt’ caused, promising a thorough investigation into the incident.

The venue emphasizes its commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive space for all. Campaign Against Antisemitism voices its concern, stating it is assisting those allegedly targeted and seeking accountability for the disturbing episode.

Calls for Comedian’s Accountability:

Eitan, a software engineer, expresses his belief that theatres should not book Currie, describing him as ‘violent and dangerous.’

Calls for accountability grow as allegations of discriminatory abuse against Jews surface.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism pledges to work with affected individuals to ensure those responsible are held accountable.

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