Jewish Actress Miriam Margolyes Stuns Host Waleed Aly with Unexpected Question

Jewish Actress Miriam Margolyes Stuns Host Waleed Aly with Unexpected Question

On March 21, 2024, during an episode of the Australian talk show “The Project,” Miriam Margolyes, a British-Australian actress, left the host, Waleed Aly, momentarily speechless with an unexpected question during a discussion on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Margolyes’ Provocative Question

In the midst of discussing the conflict in Gaza, Margolyes abruptly interjected with a pointed question directed at Aly: “What are you by the way?” She followed this question with an observation about his skin tone, referring to him as “sort of brown.”

Aly’s Response

Initially taken aback, Aly eventually responded by acknowledging the complexity of the question and revealing his Egyptian heritage.

Despite the unexpected nature of the exchange, he handled it with composure and engaged in the conversation.

Margolyes’ Assertion

Margolyes, known for her candidness, expressed her support for a ceasefire and emphasized her stance for humanity rather than aligning solely with one side of the conflict.

She highlighted the pressure individuals face to declare their allegiance regarding Israel and Palestine based on their background.

Insight into Aly’s Background

Aly, a seasoned journalist with expertise in global terrorism, hails from Egyptian heritage but was born and raised in Australia.

This background adds depth to the conversation, illustrating the diversity of perspectives on such complex geopolitical issues.

Reflections on the Unexpected Exchange

Despite the initial surprise, Aly and Margolyes navigated the conversation with grace and humor, earning positive responses from the audience.

Margolyes’ unfiltered approach resonated with viewers, sparking discussions and calls for her return to the show.


The exchange between Margolyes and Aly serves as a reminder of the importance of open dialogue and the complexity of identity in discussions surrounding contentious topics like the Israel-Palestine conflict.

It showcases the power of candid conversations in fostering understanding and empathy among diverse perspectives.