Jesse Lingard’s Unexpected Move to FC Seoul – A New Chapter Unfolds

Jesse Lingard’s Unexpected Move to FC Seoul – A New Chapter Unfolds

In a surprising turn of events, former Manchester United forward Jesse Lingard has sealed a two-year deal with South Korean club FC Seoul.

Lingard, a free agent since his departure from Nottingham Forest in 2023, had a plethora of offers from around the world, ultimately choosing FC Seoul.

The announcement, made on Instagram, marked the beginning of a fresh journey for the 31-year-old footballer.

A Global Array of Offers:

Despite being courted by 26 clubs globally, including offers from renowned teams like Lazio, Lingard opted for FC Seoul.

The reported financial terms suggest that Lingard could become the highest-paid player in the K League, earning approximately £17,500 per week.

Lingard’s choice highlights his desire for new challenges and experiences in his football career.

First Impressions and New Beginnings:

In an Instagram post, Lingard expressed his excitement about returning to the pitch and embarking on a new chapter in South Korea.

The footballer, known for his contributions to Manchester United, conveyed his gratitude for the warm reception and support from the South Korean fans and FC Seoul.

Press Conference Unveiling:

During the press conference, Lingard spoke about his childhood dream of playing in the Premier League and his aspiration for diverse challenges.

He acknowledged FC Seoul’s commitment, citing their visit to Manchester to witness his training and the tangible contract offer.

Lingard emphasized his readiness to embrace Korean culture and expressed his eagerness to bring joy to fans through his football.

Club’s Perspective and Surprise Recruitment:

FC Seoul, recognizing the impact of signing a player of Lingard’s caliber, described the move as a significant challenge for the K League.

The club’s statement emphasized their forward-looking vision aligning with Lingard’s goals, characterizing the recruitment as a surprise.

Lingard’s arrival adds a notable chapter to the 41-year history of the K League.

Journey from Manchester United to FC Seoul:

The narrative traces Lingard’s football journey from spending 14 years at Manchester United, including loan spells, to his time at Nottingham Forest and subsequent release.

Lingard’s search for a new club over the past seven months, trials with other teams, and his training regimen reflect the challenges he faced before securing a deal with FC Seoul.


Jesse Lingard’s move to FC Seoul signifies a remarkable shift in his career, bringing him to the K League.

The unexpected nature of the decision, coupled with Lingard’s determination to embrace new challenges, sets the stage for an intriguing chapter in the footballer’s professional journey.