Jerry Lee Lewis’ Child Bride Myra Gale Brown Speaks Out on Turbulent Marriage, Unraveling Scandal, and Life After Infamy

Early Marriage and Outrage
Myra Gale Brown, at the tender age of 13, became the subject of an infamous scandal when she married rock star Jerry Lee Lewis in December 1957.
Their secret marriage led to an explosive revelation by Brown’s furious father, who brandished a gun in search of Lewis after discovering the illicit union.

Coerced Elopement and Immediate Fallout
Lewis, then 22, eloped with his first cousin once removed, Myra Gale Brown, in a secretive ceremony.
Brown recalled the chaotic events surrounding the marriage, admitting that she was whisked away without much comprehension of the situation and wedded in a rapid, bewildering sequence.

Turbulent Beginning and Post-Marriage Chaos
As the marriage became public during Lewis’ UK tour, it caused a devastating blow to his career.
Fans revolted against the rock star, leading to half-empty venues, constant heckling, and paparazzi swarming their every move. The fallout of the scandal led to a swift and disastrous end to the tour, shattering Lewis’ prominence in the music industry.

Life as a Wife at a Young Age
Amidst the tumult, Brown found herself navigating married life at a very young age, managing household chores and handling Lewis’ finances.
Despite legal and societal challenges, the couple re-married, further intensifying public disapproval and condemnation.

Maturing Amidst Challenges
Brown, forced into an adult role, weathered through tragic events like the loss of her son and a tumultuous marriage marked by Lewis’ substance abuse and abusive behavior. Despite the turmoil, she sought solace and stability, eventually rebuilding her life after their divorce.

Post-Marriage Life and Moving Forward
Following the divorce from Lewis, Brown pursued education, becoming a real estate agent. She remarried in 1984 and relocated, finding a new chapter in Atlanta.
Despite maintaining civil relations with Lewis for the sake of their daughter, the ties were severed after Lewis’ seventh marriage, which involved Brown’s former sister-in-law.

The Final Chapters
Brown’s life post-Lewis has been marked by a pursuit of normalcy and a fresh start. Her experiences, resilience, and journey toward personal growth serve as a testament to overcoming a tumultuous past.

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