Jennifer Lawrence’s Shocking Nude Scene in “No Hard Feelings” Leaves Fans Stunned

Jennifer Lawrence’s Unexpected Nude Scene

Movie fans who hadn’t seen the film when it was released earlier this summer are getting a big shock now that it’s available to watch on Netflix in the US.

It’s somewhat of a spoiler if you haven’t seen, but Jennifer Lawrence gets completely naked in her comedy No Hard Feelings.

A Surprise in “No Hard Feelings”

The scene itself is certainly shocking and seems to come out of nowhere, as she tackles a group of youngsters who have stolen her clothes as a prank.

Up until this point in the charming, if slightly foul-mouthed comedy, we had been following a quirky rom-com set up between J-Law and her co-star, the scene-stealing Andrew Barth Feldman.

Fans React to the Nude Scene

Which is why the full frontal naked scene from Jennifer seems all the more shocking. ‘Was not remotely paying attention to the movie I put on at work & all of a sudden I turn around to Jennifer Lawrence beating up teenagers naked on a beach & getting punched in the p***y,’ a fan wrote crassly on X.

Another wrote: ‘Jennifer Lawrence is Freggin hilarious in No Hard Feelings. She’s completely fearless, gets all kinds of butt naked, and is a foul mouthed truck driver. If I didn’t respect her so much I’d probably ask her to marry me.’

Jennifer’s Public Acknowledgment of the Scene

However, the nude scene has been no secret – as Jennifer herself has even spoken about it publicly. “Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, ‘Are you sure?

Are you sure? Are you sure?'” she told Variety this year. “I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me.”

Questions Surrounding Jennifer’s Decision

Some fans wondered why Jennifer, who won an Oscar in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook, opted to do a fully nude scene in that context.

One fan wrote on X: ‘To be 100[%] clear: I am a HUGE fan of J-Law – hell, one of the only JOY defenders out there – but her decision to run around buck naked on a beach suplexing teenagers in #NoHardFeelings is monumentally baffling. You won an OSCAR girl, what the hell made you say “yes” to that?’

Film Release and Availability

“No Hard Feelings” was released in theaters on June 23 and dropped on Netflix in late October.