Airliner Catches Fire Post-Collision with Coastguard Plane Near Tokyo Airport

Chaotic Moments Post-Collision

An unsettling video captured the aftermath of a shocking incident at Haneda Airport near Tokyo, where a large Japan Airlines airliner carrying 379 passengers collided with a coastguard plane during landing.

The Japan Airlines jet burst into flames, its cabin quickly filling with smoke as passengers grappled with panic.

Scenes of Panic and Evacuation

Footage from within the aircraft showed frantic scenes as passengers sought refuge amidst the billowing smoke.

Some passengers resorted to using masks and cloths to shield themselves from the thick smoke, while others were heard expressing their fears. The emergency doors were opened, enabling the successful evacuation of all passengers and crew.

Immediate Response and Aftermath

The images and videos captured the intensity of the situation, displaying the burning escape slide and firefighters’ desperate efforts to douse the raging flames engulfing the plane.

Haneda Airport, one of Japan’s busiest, immediately closed all its runways following the crash.

Eyewitness Testimony

Seventeen-year-old passenger Anton Deibe recounted the harrowing experience, describing the swift filling of the cabin with smoke and the ensuing chaos.

The passengers had to navigate the confusion and uncertainty as they evacuated the aircraft.

Developing Situation and Aviation History

The incident occurred amid Japan’s recovery from a devastating earthquake, with conflicting reports on the details of the collision between the two aircraft. Authorities are assessing the situation, investigating the potential collision on the runway.

Past Aviation Incidents in Japan

While Japan has not experienced significant commercial aviation accidents for decades, the country faced a tragic plane crash in 1985, where a JAL flight crashed, resulting in one of the deadliest aviation disasters involving a single flight.

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