Jamie Laing’s Candy Kittens Faces Backlash for Sexualized Sweets Targeting Young Adults

Jamie Laing’s Candy Kittens Faces Backlash for Sexualized Sweets Targeting Young Adults

Controversy Surrounding Candy Kittens Sweets Sexualization

Inappropriate Messaging on Candy Kittens Sweets

Parents have expressed outrage after discovering that Candy Kittens, a confectionery company co-founded by Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, had sexualized its sweets in a limited edition release in collaboration with the Netflix series Sex Education.

The packaging of these Wild Strawberry sweets includes saucy descriptions that claim sweets and sex “go hand in hand,” celebrate “downright dirty times,” and feature a “stay curious” condom wrapper.

Moreover, the packaging contains a surprise sweet in the shape of a sheath.

This explicit messaging shocked parents who had purchased these sweets for their young children.

Concerned Parents React

One parent, Carol Reynolds, was taken aback when her granddaughters, aged 11 and 13, consumed these treats.

Her husband purchased the sweets without noticing the explicit wording.

Carol described her shock and disapproval, deeming it completely inappropriate and wrong for children.

She also expressed concern about Jamie Laing’s influence as a reality TV star, suggesting that young people look up to him.

While Candy Kittens claims that its target audience is adults, it’s apparent that these products are available in supermarkets and may be consumed by children who do not fully comprehend the explicit messaging.

Reactions and Complaints

Parents have voiced their concerns online, with some vowing to avoid purchasing Candy Kittens products in the future.

One parent mentioned that their 12-year-old child eats these sweets and found the wording on the packaging to be highly inappropriate.

They expressed disappointment in Candy Kittens for not raising awareness effectively and criticized the company for the explicit content on sweets packaging.

Candy Kittens Response and Defense

Candy Kittens has defended its collaboration with the Sex Education series and emphasizes that they allow buyers to make a “fully informed purchasing decision” by applying explicit content to only one product.

The company insists that its target audience has always been young adults and not children.

The Impact and Concerns

The controversy surrounding Candy Kittens’ sexualized sweets raises concerns about the potential impact of such messaging on children and vulnerable individuals.

Many believe that such products should be removed from store shelves immediately.


This incident highlights the importance of responsible marketing, especially when products have the potential to be consumed by children.

It also serves as a reminder of the influence that public figures and celebrities have on their followers.

The incident has sparked a debate about where to draw the line between creative marketing and inappropriate messaging, particularly when it comes to products that may appeal to young consumers.

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