Jamie Foxx Recuperates after Months in the Hospital

Jamie Foxx Recuperates after Months in the Hospital


After a terrible health scare that kept him in the hospital for MONTHS, Jamie Foxx claims he is ‘finally starting to feel like’ himself again.

I can make out the light.

After experiencing a medical emergency that kept him in the hospital for months, Jamie Foxx said he is ‘finally starting to feel like’ himself again.

The 55-year-old Academy Award winner told his more than 16.8 million Instagram followers that his unknown sickness has “been an unexpected dark journey” as he reflected on his health concern.

The father of two acknowledged the difficulties in his recuperation but said he “can see the light” and is “appreciative to everyone who reached out and sent good wishes and prayers.


I owe a number of individuals my gratitude… You simply aren’t aware of its significance.

I’ll be personally thanking each of you… And in case you didn’t know… GOD IS GOOD… every single day, he said.

The Strays actor was wearing an aviator-style set of glasses, a white V-neck shirt, and a crocheted bucket hat in the pictures and appeared to be in good health and spirits.

Fans and several of his celebrity friends, including Jeremy Renner, sent sympathetic comments underneath the post.

52-year-old Renner, who was nearly killed in January after being pinned by a snowplow, wrote: “Brother, I know that sensation!!! Only better things are ahead! Thank you, God.


Indeed He is! Octavia Spencer said, “Glad you’re better,” and Garcelle Beauvais said, “God is amazing and so are you!”The update comes less than a month after Foxx provided a first-ever comprehensive report on his rehabilitation.

In an emotional three-minute video addressing his health, Foxx assured followers that he is not “blind” or “paralyzed.”

“I experienced something I never imagined I would experience.”

To be honest with you, I didn’t want you to see me as that man,’ he said, wiping away tears.

“I know a lot of people [were] waiting or wanting to hear an update.”


The actor continued, “I want you to see me laughing, having a good time, partying, cracking jokes, doing a movie, [or] a television show.”

The actor recently made a comeback to the workforce to film a commercial in Las Vegas.

“I didn’t want you to see me with tubes coming out of me, wondering if I was going to make it through,” the patient said.

The single parent continued by saying that in order to live, he had to go through “hell and back” and that his “road to recovery” had encountered several “potholes.”

The Beat Shazam presenter also thanked his daughter Corinne, 29, and sister Deondra Dixon for’saving’ his life and keeping the specifics of his illness a secret.


I’m able to leave you with this film in honor of them, God, and many outstanding medical professionals, Foxx continued.

“You guys know they kept it airtight, they didn’t let anything out, they protected me, and that’s what I hope that everyone could have in moments like these,” she said.

“I cannot tell you how great it feels to have your family step in in such a way.”

He then made it obvious that he is “not paralyzed” by moving his eyes to demonstrate how his “eyes are working just fine.”

He continued, “I just want to say I love everybody and I love all the love that I got,” in a direct address to the crowd.


‘If you see me out from now on and every now and then I just burst into tears, it’s just because it’s been tough, man,’ the actor said as he began to choke up.

Man, I was sick. Man, I know they talk about people sobbing on recordings… but I’m not going to do a take two, it is what it is,’ he thought.

“But now I have my legs under me, so you’re going to see me out.

I’m here on earth because of some wonderful individuals.

As I said, I want you to remember me for the jokes I tell, the movies I create — some of them excellent, some of them ain’t (I think I’ve got a nice one out), and the songs I sing.


Man, God is the reason I’m here on Earth, the performer said. I’m heading home, I say.

Foxx wrote the video’s captions: “Thank you very much to everyone… been a difficult journey, but God, wonderful people, and prayers in general brought me through.

In less than an hour, he had more than 306,306 likes and thousands of messages from fans and friends in the spotlight, such LL Cool J, who wrote: “So glad to see you back my brother.”

As he resumed his job duties in July, the celebrity was said to be in “amazing shape,” a source told TMZ.

‘Jamie was putting in incredibly long days and was right on,’ another source told People.


Like nothing had occurred.

You wouldn’t have guessed that he had a health problem.

A stylish Foxx photographed with hockey great Wayne Gretsky, who also appears in the advertisement, and wrote: “One of the best nights of my life with the greatest person.”

Coming shortly are big stuff.

At that moment, Foxx posted a sharp selfie of himself on Instagram.He was sitting on a golden BetMGM race car and was dapper in a sophisticated black suit.


“Grateful for my family at @betmgm and a fantastic couple nights in Vegas.

He stated in the description of the post, which was a paid partnership, “We got BIG things coming soon.”

Foxx is collaborating with BetMGM on a campaign and will appear in their commercials throughout football season and beyond.

BetMGM is a sports betting organization affiliated with MGM Resorts.

Although the Django Unchained actor has been spotted several times this month, fresh reports indicate that he is still not ‘100 percent recovered’ after his medical issue.


Guests gathered at the Chicago rehabilitation center that Foxx has been visiting on an outpatient basis for a recent celebration of his progress, a source told People.

Foxx “has been working really hard these last couple of months to get back to normal and has greatly improved since he first got to the facility,” according to the source.

They continued, saying he hosted the celebration “to celebrate being better.”

On May 3, Foxx made his first appearance on Instagram to thank his fans in a text post.

‘Thank you for the love,’ At the time, he wrote, “Feeling blessed.”


The actor recently pleased fans by stepping out in public looking healthy and happy.

The actor is recovering from an illness that kept him off the set of the movie in April and away from filming Back in Action, in which he stars opposite Cameron Diaz.

‘Jamie is doing so much better and he’s starting to feel like himself again,’ a source said to USWeekly last week.

He’s not fully recovered yet and is still taking it easy, but he is unquestionably making progress.

Foxx “has a huge support system around him, and his friends and family are making sure that he doesn’t take on too much,” they continued.


“Foxx is feeling really good and is eager to start working again when the time is right,” says the statement.

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