Jamie Campbell Bower on impostor syndrome and what makes his character scary

If you are a fan of “Stranger Things,” it’s likely that you have heard of Jamie Campbell Bower or have seen online fangirls gushing over him (it’s me, I am the Internet).

If you’re not a fan of “Stranger Things,” continue reading.

There are “Stranger Things” spoilers beyond this point, so be aware of that. It’s been warned that you.

Although Bower had performed in successful parts in the past, it was his portrayal as Vecna that truly made him famous.

Bower discussed his early career, the horrible sense of impostor syndrome, and Ian McKellen being one of his inspirations during a guest spotlight session at Comic Con Africa, which was hosted at the Johannesburg Expo Centre: “I was with Ian McKellen while I was filming ‘The Prisoner’ in Cape Town. He is a lovely guy, a fantastic artist, and an excellent actor who taught me how to work.

He said, “I was 19 at the time and had just begun working. He taught, and this applies to everyone, that you need to work as a team to produce something really excellent, and that lesson has been with me ever since.

Bower briefly discussed the effects of jet lag on the subject of having previously been in South Africa. Since he came from London, his body and mind must still be there in some way, right? Wrong.

“This is my body. I’m thinking about this. The audience exploded in applause as he said, “My soul is here. While experiencing some jet lag, he said, he is absolutely in South Africa.

He said that having a job is constantly up and down, and he claimed that having impostor syndrome drives him to continually strive to be his best.

He remarked, waving his hand in a jerky manner, “A career goes like this, therefore I am constantly striving to be the best I can be as an actor.” He continued by saying that if you discover something you really love, you should never give up on it.

He remarked of his musical career: “I guess I always knew I wanted to work in entertainment. In the living room, I would put on performances and goofy little shows. I always had a tendency to act because, after all, that’s where I was and where I felt comfortable.

After moving on to “Stranger Things,” Bower revealed the reason Vecna and Henry Creel were so horrifying, and you may be surprised by the response.

The reason is because he is a human. He has his own experiences and very serious intentions, and he also has his own intentions. The dread is multiplied when you are dealing with something as both an actor and a character. It’s extremely terrible just to think about how difficult it is to breed humans because that’s just how they are. Along with his squelching sounds,

The most difficult was Vecna/Henry Creel, he said.

Henry has such an amazing journey throughout the programme, and when you receive a screenplay like that, it makes you as an actor really want to offer all you have. Reading words off a paper has a goal and a meaning of its own, and that is what you are doing as an actor. Although he is speaking from experience, there is always a blazing fire and scorching wrath behind what he is saying, the man remarked.

Bower said that Vecna/Henry was a product of his circumstances and that he never regarded him as an evil or villainous figure. He said that he enjoys portraying the bad guy.

The antagonist or the figure in question, in my opinion, has a lot of depth and a rich background, which I find to be intriguing.

When creating villains, authors, in his opinion, “get to express themselves very freely” and “place a lot of personal anguish into those characters, so they have a lot of reality to them,” he said.

He continued by describing how he completely inhabits the part and said that when he put on the Vecna outfit, he felt like he was Vecna (of course, he won’t be killing a lot of kids, we hope). He used the example of cosplay as a way to fully immerse oneself and “become” the character.

His parting advice to a crowd that had already fallen head over heels for him was to always be true to who you are.

That, in my opinion, is excellent advise for the large group of attendees who came dressed in amazing cosplays this past weekend as well as for others who may have faced bullying because of their interests in certain subjects.

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