Criminal Half-Brother of James McAvoy Vows Reform After Inheriting Fortune, Faces Extended Jail Time for Contraband in Prison

Criminal Half-Brother’s Vow to Reform

Donald McAvoy, the half-brother of Hollywood actor James McAvoy, has pledged a commitment to change his lifestyle upon his release from prison after inheriting a significant sum from their deceased father’s estate.

Currently serving a sentence of five years and ten months for various offenses, including a road-rage attack, Donald faces additional jail time due to possession of illegal razor blades and an unauthorized mobile phone SIM card in his cell at the high-security Glenochil Prison in Scotland.

Extended Incarceration

Originally set for release in March 2025, Donald faced an additional 15 months in prison after being found with contraband in his cell. Despite sharing the same father as the renowned actor James McAvoy, they were raised separately.

Inheritance and Intentions for the Future

Donald’s defense lawyer revealed that his client had inherited a substantial amount following their father’s passing. This inheritance is seen as a potential resource to facilitate a crime-free life after his release, especially in providing for his daughter and actively participating in her upbringing.

Contraband Discovery and Defense

The court learned that razor blades, concealed with plastic, were found in Donald’s cell in September 2021. His lawyer clarified that Donald mistook the bladed item for a tool used in his hobby of crafting soap carvings. He claimed that the item didn’t belong to him and was placed in his cell by someone else without malicious intent.

Legal Implications and Sentencing

Despite Donald’s defense, the court imposed an additional 15-month sentence, to run consecutively with his existing term, citing the gravity of the offenses. This extended incarceration impedes his chances of parole and will likely compel him to serve his full sentence.

Prison Phone Regulations and Background

The use of locked SIM cards in mobile phones issued to prisoners is part of the Covid pandemic-related changes in Scottish jails. While these phones have limited functionality and controlled outgoing calls, replacing the official SIM with a standard one bypasses these restrictions.

Family Background and Relationship

Despite his celebrity status, James McAvoy, known for roles in films like “X-Men,” “Filth,” and “Atonement,” is reported to have never met his half-brother Donald, both having grown up separately.

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