JAGSoM Joins the Handful of Business Schools Globally that enjoy Accreditation across Multiple Campuses and across Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs

Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) has been re-accredited by the prestigious AACSB International, the American accreditation for top business schools across the world.

The programs that are accredited are across Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Executive Programs.

JAGSoM offers BBA, PGDM, Executive PGDM & MBA programs across two campuses to be accredited by AACSB.

This accreditation is a unique one because its two campuses are regulated by two different regulators (AICTE and UGC).

The first graduate class of BBA & MBA from JAGSoM and Vijaybhoomi University campus will graduate with an AACSB Accredited degree.

JAGSoM receives AACSB re-accreditation for 5 yearsSynonymous with the highest standards of quality, AACSB accreditation has inspired business schools around the world to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, amplify impact, and transform business education for positive societal impact.

Based on Peer Review Team’s (PRT) recommendation to AACSB’s Continuous Improvement Review committee (CIR) and Board of Directors, the AASCB has conferred the reaccreditation on JAGSoM for a period of 5 years.

The Peer Review Team (PRT) consisted of three senior Deans from top schools belonging to the Middle East, Europe, and the USA.

The PRT’s recommendation was based on its extensive meetings with all of JAGSoM’s stakeholders – current students, faculty, alumni, staff, recruiters, and senior leadership team, held in November 2021 with extensive documentary, physical and anecdotal evidences.

Padma Bhushan Prof.

Jagdish Sheth, Chairman, JAGSoM and a globally renowned academic stated, “I am very pleased with the speed at which JAGSoM is setting new benchmarks in management education with an emphasis on social responsibility of business and in the holistic development of students.

I am also very pleased about the passion and commitment of JAGSoM academic leaders, faculty and professional staff for their hard work and a sense of purpose especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Congratulating JAGSoM for the AACSB Re-accreditation, Prof.

Bhimaraya Metri, Director, IIM Nagpur and member Board of Studies, JAGSoM, said, “The reaccreditation of JAGSoM is a game changer for Indian Institutions.

JAGSoM’s curriculum is aligned to the National Education Policy (NEP) where students take courses across multiple disciplines in the sophomore years.

JAGSoM is now a benchmark for institutions who wish to operate as one institution with multiple campuses.

This is also an indicator of how the regulatory framework of India acts as an enabler to facilitate innovation by the institutions.



Parasuraman, Pro-Chancellor, Vijaybhoomi University and Guru of Service Marketing congratulated JAGSoM saying, “AACSB reaccreditation of JAGSoM’s postgraduate and bachelor’s degree programs across its campuses in Bengaluru and Karjat (Greater Mumbai) is a truly distinctive and praiseworthy accomplishment that reinforces JAGSoM’s position as one of the leading business schools in India.

It is also a compelling corroboration of JAGSoM’s unique curriculum, developed diligently to be Industry 4.

0-ready, student- and society-centric, and consistent with the school’s mission to “nurture holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable professionals” Congratulations and continued best wishes to team JAGSoM!”Dr.

Geoff Perry, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific for AACSB while congratulating JAGSoM termed this as an outstanding achievement and said, “The extension by AACSB of accreditation for a further five years recognizes that JAGSoM meets the global benchmark for a quality business school in all of its activities, including at both of its campuses.

Since fewer than 5% of the world’s business schools achieve and maintain AACSB accreditation this is a significant achievement.

It reflects the commitment that JAGSoM has to quality and continuous improvement in all of its endeavors, to having a positive impact on all of its stakeholders, and to aligning with global benchmarks of excellence.

Congratulations on an outstanding achievement.

“Speaking about the re-accreditation, Prof.

Atish Chattopadhyay, Director, JAGSoM, says, “JAGSoMbecomes the first AACSB accredited business school in India, offering both UGC and AICTE regulated programs across the two campuses.

This reaccreditation is a testimony to our commitment towards continuous improvement through pedagogical innovations, thought leadership, learner success and engagement with our industry partners.

This accreditation will enhance access to global career opportunities for our graduates through career tracks and pathway programs with our international partners.

This will also result in increased access for our faculty towards collaborating with international faculty.

“About JAGSoMJagdish Sheth School of Management is among the first six business schools in India to be awarded the AACSB accreditation.

JAGSoM was ranked by QS World University Rankings in 2021, 101+ in Masters in Marketing for its PGDM (Marketing) program, 101+ in Business Analytics for its PGDM (Business Analytics) program, and 151+ in Masters in Finance for its PGDM (Finance) program globally.

Programs at JAGSoM includes1.

PGDM: 2 Year residential Post-Graduate Diploma in Management with the option to major in Marketing, Finance, HRM, Analytics & Digital Business.

PGDM (Marketing Major) – For those who wish to pursue a career in Marketing (with option of career tracks in MarTech or Sales & Service).

PGDM (Finance Major) – For those who wish to pursue a career in Finance (with option of career tracks in FinTech, Capital Markets or Banking).

PGDM (Analytics & Digital Business Major) – For those who wish to pursue a career in Business Analytics.

PGDM (with option of International Immersion) – For those who wish to pursue studies abroad at our International Partner institutions2.

PGDM Executive: For professionals with work experience with option to attend on-campus sessions during weekends or learn from home (LFH) online3.

MBA: ‘The Right Brain MBA’ for new age professional roles that require creativity, innovation, design thinking and imagination at our picturesque campus at Karjat, near Mumbai4.

BBA: A unique residential program with a curriculum that facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial years and then preparing for a career in business with the benefit of co-learning with MBA participants and mentoring by faculty and industry practitioners.

Actively engaged in research and consulting, JAGSoM hosts several Centres of Excellence such as AIM-Parasuraman Centre of Service Excellence and Vithala Rao Centre for Business Analytics.

JAGSoM is led by an eminent board with globally acclaimed scholar Padma Bhushan Prof.

Jagdish Sheth as the Chairman of the Institute.

JAGSoM has four distinct anchors that support its overall educational philosophy:Grooming T shaped professionals with a unique curriculum aligned to the needs of industry 4.

0The program is delivered by domain specialist faculty, with professional experience in the industry.

Global connects through partnerships with globally acclaimed business schools preparing for career tracks in new-age areas.

Industry-connect programs to groom “Beyond Tomorrow” professionals.

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