Jada Pinkett Smith’s Past Revealed: Involvement in Drug Dealing

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Past Revealed: Involvement in Drug Dealing

Jada Pinkett Smith, the A-list actress, made a startling revelation about her past during a Red Table Talk episode.

She discussed her experiences with drug dealing when she was younger, shedding light on her mother’s heroin addiction during her childhood.

Jada disclosed in 2017 that she used to sell drugs and previously mentioned it on Sirius XM’s Sway Universe, saying, “When I first met [Tupac Shakur], when we first met, I was a drug dealer.”

Mysterious Tease for Her Memoir:

While Jada candidly confessed to her past, she refrained from providing extensive details, promising that more would be unveiled in her recently released memoir.

The Motivation Behind Her Choices:

Jada explained that her decision to sell drugs as a teenager was influenced by the need to provide for herself. She recounted how, given her family circumstances, drug dealers seemed to possess affluence, which she interpreted as success.

Jada emphasized that her mother, a high-functioning heroin addict, wasn’t doing well, resulting in an environment lacking the essentials and proper care.

Childhood Struggles:

Jada recalled her early attempts at legitimate employment, starting from the age of 12, including a job at the Gap.

However, despite her efforts, she ultimately turned to selling crack cocaine. Her childhood was marred by the challenges of having parents addicted to heroin.

She expressed how not being a priority to her parents made it difficult for her to prioritize herself.

Discovering Her Mother’s Addiction:

Jada shared that she only realized her mother’s addiction to heroin when she was in her teens.

Her mother’s erratic behavior, like failing to pick her up from school and nodding off, made it clear to her that there was a significant problem.

Adrienne, her mother, has been sober since the 1990s and has expressed guilt for the emotional and spiritual damage caused, which was a devastating revelation for both of them.