Bensonhurst Residents Protest Planned Homeless Shelter Amidst Concerns Over Safety and Proximity to Schools

Bensonhurst Residents Protest Planned Homeless Shelter Amidst Concerns Over Safety and Proximity to Schools

Thousands of residents in Brooklyn’s Bensonhurst neighborhood took to the streets in protest against a proposed homeless shelter catering exclusively to men.

Despite city officials’ assurances of services like case management and housing placement, locals voiced unease over safety concerns, particularly its proximity to several schools.

City’s Response to Resident Concerns

City officials defended the decision, highlighting Bensonhurst’s lack of homeless shelters and asserting that residents were given ample notice about the project since November.

However, the community remains steadfast in its opposition, citing fears of increased crime and disruption to the neighborhood’s peace.

Residents’ Fears and Predictions

Residents expressed apprehension about the shelter’s impact on the safety of children and anticipated social unrest once the facility is operational.

Concerns were raised about the surge in homelessness and its potential ramifications, with some predicting confrontations between residents and shelter inhabitants.

Political Opposition and Community Resistance

Local politicians, including Democratic Assembly Member William Colton and City Council Member Susan Zhuang, echoed residents’ sentiments, vowing to continue the fight against the shelter’s construction.

Assemblyman Colton emphasized the need for alternative solutions, such as affordable housing, rather than imposing shelters on communities without their consent.

Department of Social Services’ Statement

In response to the backlash, the Department of Social Services reiterated the necessity of providing shelter and support services to vulnerable individuals.

They emphasized their collaboration with nonprofit organizations like Project Renewal to offer comprehensive assistance and facilitate residents’ transition to permanent housing.


The clash between city officials and Bensonhurst residents underscores the challenges of addressing homelessness while balancing community concerns.

Despite diverging perspectives, both sides emphasize the importance of finding sustainable solutions to support vulnerable populations while respecting the integrity of local neighborhoods.