From Model to Priesthood: Italy’s Former Most Handsome Man Embraces a New Calling

Edoardo Santini: From Model Stardom to Priesthood at 21

Edoardo Santini, who clinched the title of Italy’s most handsome man in 2019 at the age of 17, has made a significant life decision by leaving his modeling career to pursue the priesthood.

The 21-year-old, once a rising star in the fashion world, revealed his intention to embrace a religious path through a social media announcement.

A Shift in Priorities: Modeling to Ministry

Having won the prestigious title of “Il Bello d’Italia” in 2019, organized by ABE, a fashion group, Edoardo had initially aspired to become an actor.

However, in a surprising turn of events, he disclosed on social media that he would be renouncing his career aspirations for the priesthood, expressing a newfound commitment to his faith.

Edoardo’s Spiritual Journey: A Testimony of Faith

Edoardo Santini, a native of Castel Fiorentino, shared with his followers that at 21, he is embarking on the path to becoming a priest.

Despite abandoning modeling, acting, and dance, he affirmed that he would continue to live out his passions in different ways, offering them up to God.

Reflecting on his journey, he explained that encounters with inspiring individuals had given him the strength to explore his calling to the priesthood.

The Terrifying Decision and Unwavering Happiness

Acknowledging the challenges of leaving behind his dreams of stardom, Edoardo stated that despite the initial fear, he was confident he wouldn’t regret the decision.

He emphasized his joy and shouted, “I am Edoardo, I am 21 years old, and I am happy.” The decision was influenced by his experiences, including living with two priests, which he described as the most beautiful experience of his life.

Edoardo’s Transition: A Video and Instagram Update

Edoardo shared a video on his Instagram, seemingly praying in a church, with the caption, “I got back on my path.” His Instagram bio now proudly declares, “I’m a Christian, priest wannabe,” reflecting his commitment to his newfound calling.

From Beauty Contest Winner to Devout Faith: Edoardo’s Remarkable Journey

Edoardo Santini gained his title after participating in the 40th edition of the national beauty contest “Il Bello d’Italia” in 2019.

Despite dreaming of becoming an actor at the time, he expressed that there was never enough time for all the activities he desired.

An Instagram Presence Beyond Modeling

Edoardo, who has around 7,000 followers on Instagram, seldom posts modeling or holiday pictures, signaling a shift in focus from his former glamorous lifestyle to a more spiritually centered one.

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