Frank van den Berge’s Extraordinary Road Trip in the ’70s Unveils a Different World

Frank van den Berge’s Extraordinary Road Trip in the ’70s Unveils a Different World

Rediscovering a Bygone Era

Frank van den Berge, a Dutch traveler, embarked on an awe-inspiring adventure during the 1970s, traversing Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, capturing remarkable images of an era lost to time.

A Unique Journey

Undertaking an extensive road trip from Amsterdam to India and Nepal in a second-hand Citroen 2CV4, Frank encountered a diverse landscape, unveiling hidden treasures and unforgettable encounters along the way.

Capturing Lost Landscapes

Frank’s photographs depict a bygone time, showcasing a vibrant Afghanistan before the Taliban and an Iran characterized by Western-style attire, bustling markets, and grand mosques, including the now-demolished Buddhas of Bamiyan.

Unforgettable Encounters

Throughout his journey, Frank experienced the incredible hospitality of Iranians, recounting numerous instances where locals showed unparalleled kindness, offering petrol and gifts, underscoring the warmth and generosity he encountered.

Remarkable Afghan Sojourn

Entering Afghanistan in 1976, Frank encountered breathtaking landscapes, friendly locals in Kabul, and learned local traditions, including bread baking and vegetable farming, showcasing the richness of Afghan culture.

Challenges and Triumphs

His expedition took him through perilous terrains, including the Khyber Pass, bringing him to Pakistan’s serene Lake Saiful Muluk, where he celebrated his birthday and indulged in a memorable meal.

Himalayan Escapades and Cultural Festivals

Navigating challenging routes, such as the Fotu La Pass in the Himalayas and attending the Hemis Gompa festival in Ladakh, Frank’s journey unveiled cultural splendors and breathtaking landscapes.

A Road Trip’s End

Completing a loop around the coast of India, Frank’s return journey brought him back through Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey, marking the end of his incredible expedition, immortalized through captivating tales and photographs.

Dutch traveler Frank van den Berge’s extraordinary road trip through Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan in the 1970s stands as a testament to a vanished era.

His images and tales of hospitality, scenic landscapes, and cultural revelations paint a vivid picture of a time now lost to history.