Ruth Kadiri Celebrates 5th Wedding Anniversary in Heartfelt Post

Quietly Celebrating Five Years of Matrimony

Nigerian actress and filmmaker, Ruth Kadiri, shared her joy with her followers as she celebrated her 5th wedding anniversary with her husband, Ezerika. Despite the private nature of their relationship, this milestone couldn’t go unnoticed.

A Discreet Love Story

Ruth Kadiri and Ezerika tied the knot in 2018, and their love story has been a closely guarded secret. While they have kept their personal life out of the spotlight, they have occasionally given glimpses of their relationship on social media, offering fans a few precious insights into their world.

An Emotional Connection Signified by Hands

To mark the occasion, Ruth Kadiri posted a touching photo on Instagram, featuring their entwined hands. It symbolizes the emotional closeness they share as a couple.

A Heartfelt Caption

In her post, Ruth Kadiri expressed her deep affection for her husband, referring to him as her “playmate” and her “cup of tea.”

She acknowledged that peace and prosperity have come into her life through her role as his wife, celebrating the love they’ve cultivated over the past five years.

Celebrations and Applause from Fans

Fans and fellow colleagues joined in celebrating the actress’s anniversary. They commended her for her discretion in maintaining a private marriage and offered well wishes for more peace and prosperity in her life.

Learning from a Private Person

Ruth Kadiri’s decision to keep her marital life private has resonated with fans who appreciate her approach. Some shared that they are inspired by her and expressed their desire to emulate her discreet style.

Blessings for the Future

As she marks this milestone, Ruth Kadiri’s followers showered her with blessings and good wishes, underscoring the understanding she has for navigating the challenges of the internet while maintaining her privacy.

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