Iran Warns of Wider Middle East War if Israel Invades Gaza Amid Escalating Conflict

Introduction: Iran’s Dire Warning and Hezbollah’s Readiness

Iran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, has issued a private warning to the United Nations, cautioning that Iran will join the conflict if Israel proceeds with an invasion of Gaza.

He emphasized that the “hands of all parties in the region are on the trigger,” and there may be only hours to prevent the conflict from spreading across the Middle East.

Hezbollah’s Preparedness and Potential Earthquake

Amirabdollahian stated that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah has meticulously prepared for various scenarios and is prepared to engage in the conflict.

With more than 300,000 Israeli reservists gathered on the border of Gaza, he warned that any action taken by the resistance (Hezbollah) would have a significant impact on Israel.

He urged an immediate halt to the actions against Gaza, stating that time might be running out.

Hezbollah’s History and Threat

Hezbollah, a Shiite militia, has a history of confronting Israel and fighting to a standstill during the 2006 ground invasion.

They are dedicated to the destruction of Israel and have been involved in conflicts alongside Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad. Positioned on Israel’s northern border, they would serve as the front line in any war with Israel.

International Concerns and American Role

Amirabdollahian emphasized that to prevent the spread of war in the region, the United States must exert control over Israel.

He stated that if Zionist aggressions do not cease, all parties in the region are prepared to take action.

Iran’s Relationship with Hamas

Iran has been cultivating closer ties with Hamas in recent years due to their shared opposition to Israel.

Hamas controls Gaza, making it a significant player in the conflict.

Despite allegations of Iran’s complicity in recent terror attacks, there is no specific evidence linking them to the planning or resourcing of these attacks.

Amirabdollahian’s Diplomatic Duality

While Amirabdollahian distanced Iran from direct involvement in the attacks, he conveyed to the UN’s envoy that Iran would respond militarily if Israel’s assault on Gaza persists.

He emphasized that the recent Palestinian operation was a natural reaction to Israeli actions.

Ongoing Conflict and Ground Invasion Pause

The conflict continued with relentless Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, resulting in a high number of casualties.

An imminent ground invasion was reportedly delayed due to adverse weather conditions and concerns about Hamas’s fortified underground defenses.

Hamas’s Response to Invasion

Amirabdollahian warned that should Israel proceed with an invasion of Gaza, Hamas would turn the city into a burial ground for occupation soldiers.

The situation remains highly volatile, with significant international concerns and the potential for a wider Middle East conflict.

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