Israel Prepares for Ground Assault on Gaza: Thousands of Troops on the Border

Thousands of soldiers prepared for battle today as columns of Israeli tanks gathered on the Israel-Gaza border, signalling the impending assault of the war-torn enclave.

Thousands of Israeli soldiers, along with numerous tanks and armoured vehicles, are currently stationed at the border, prepared to launch a land invasion on the Gaza Strip, the home of 203 hostages held by Hamas terrorists.

Heavy machine gunfire was heard along the border in the early hours of this morning, which prompted the massing of personnel and artillery near the border.

Furthermore, Israel persisted in hitting Gaza with constant bombings today, which have already destroyed entire neighbourhoods and claimed thousands of Palestinian lives.

Now that they are confined to the narrow enclave, the two million Palestinians within are preparing for an impending ground invasion that is predicted to cause additional significant casualties.

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant assured troops that they would soon be able to view the Palestinian enclave “from inside” during a visit to troops stationed at the Gaza border on Thursday.

According to an IDF army commander who spoke with on Thursday, his forces had “a very high level of optimism” and they were prepared for an invasion.

Israel’s authorities are determined to remove Hamas from Gaza, even if it means conducting house-to-house operations that could take ‘years’ and cause more significant losses among Palestinians.

They have declined to talk about their intentions for what would happen in Gaza following the overthrow of Hamas.

When President Joe Biden inquired about a post-Hamas Gaza on Wednesday while visiting Israel, he allegedly was informed that all available resources were presently directed on the invasion rather than the day after.

However, a number of Israeli lawmakers have brought up the idea of expanding the demilitarised zone along the border.

CNN’s international diplomatic editor, Nic Robertson, reported observing increased Israeli military activity near the Israel-Gaza border in the early hours of Friday.

It happens only hours after Gallant, in a briefing to Israeli forces gathered on the Gaza border, hammered home the point that Hamas must be “annihilated” and that the enclave will soon be visible “from the inside.”

“Whoever sees Gaza from afar will soon see it from the inside,” he said to them.

You will receive the order, I assure you.

This is something that cannot be pardoned.

The complete destruction of the Hamas organisation, along with all of its terror infrastructure and related parties, is the only option.

It will take one week, one month, or two months to completely destroy them.

In combat, you’re not by yourself.

We rely on you and have faith in you. Continue your workout as long as you have time.

It coincides with Israel’s ongoing devastating bombardment on Gaza, which occurred today while millions of Palestinians stranded in the territory waited impatiently for the first shipment of humanitarian supplies from abroad.

After a horrific attack by Hamas terrorists that resulted in the murder of 1,300 people, Israel launched a blistering aerial bombardment over two weeks ago.

Since then, thousands of homes throughout the 25-mile enclave have been demolished, and 3,785 Palestinians—including 1,524 children—have died.

The Israeli army claimed to have destroyed a missile launch facility as well as tunnels on Thursday, stating that “more than 10 terrorists were eliminated.”

The international world has asked Israel to avoid civilian casualties and permit much-needed relief to enter Gaza, citing a worsening humanitarian situation.

However, the sound of battle has only intensified within Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assembled forces on Thursday in the vicinity of Gaza, implying that the assault was about to happen.

Clad in body armour, he declared that his soldiers will ‘fight like lions’ and ‘come out on top’.

IDF spokesman Lt. Colonel Jonathan Conricus told CNN that while the military was prepared, they would not make an early announcement about their invasion.

Conricus declared, “The reserves are prepared, armed, focused on their mission, and waiting for the next phase of our operations.”

However, we will not, of course, now publicise the details of when, when, or how we plan to progress, carry out, or improve our military operations.

Israel’s minister of economics, Nir Barkat, stated that the invasion had received approval; the military would now determine when to launch an attack.

“It’s in the hands of the army to eliminate them; the Israeli government made the decision and gave the order,” he declared.

It was not anticipated that troops would enter while visiting foreign leaders.

Wednesday night, Biden departed Israel; on Thursday morning, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak paid a visit before departing for Saudi Arabia.

On Thursday night, Biden gave his only Oval Office speech since taking office, speaking to the people of the United States from the White House.

Throughout his address, he provided justification for the importance of the Israeli-Ukrainian conflict to the US government.

Additionally, Biden pushed for the execution of an agreement he mediated with Egypt and Israel to start allowing a small amount of aid into Gaza on Friday.

After returning from Tel Aviv, Biden made the statement, “The people of Gaza urgently need food, water, and medicine,” in a televised speech from the Oval Office.

However, supplies of food, medication, water purifiers, and blankets have been accumulating close to Egypt’s border with Gaza, raising concerns about the Rafah crossing’s scheduled opening.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organisation (WHO), expressed optimism on Thursday that a crossing would occur tomorrow.

However, given the experience of the past few days, we can say with certainty that we are also concerned about whether this will occur.

A seasoned IDF general in Israel, meanwhile, told that his forces were prepared to “wipe Hamas out.”

IDF major Eliezer, also known as Ezzy, is stationed in the southern region of Israel with the Golani Brigade, a unit of reservists who are frequently among the first called up for active service.

Eliezer declined to provide his last name.

Ezzy enlisted in 2004 and has participated as an engineer, rabbi, and leader in Israel’s previous four major battles.

According to him, his unit’s mission is to lead the Brigade’s men in neutralising mine fields, forging new routes, seizing bridgeheads, and setting off explosives.

“This year is unlike any other, without a doubt,” he stated.

‘But there is a lot of optimism and strong morale.’

The terror acts on October 7th, according to Ezzy, have inspired his troops.

Of course, the first several days were filled with shock.

Many people were in grief, but there wasn’t much time for it, he remarked.

“We thought we would enter Gaza much sooner, but we had no idea when we would actually enter.”

Ezzy mentioned that the soldiers had a clear mission.

We share a close bond.

There is a strong sense of fraternity, and as time goes on, the spirit rises and optimism is very high.

Israel has never seemed so unified to me.

I sense the support now more than ever since we receive messages.

He expressed gratitude to the world community for backing their fight against Hamas.

“I believe that everyone who recognises the existence of good and evil is part of the global community—not just Jews,” he remarked.

“They realise that Israel is fighting for more than just Israel; they are fighting for light in this world.”

He also declared that his troops were prepared to enter Gaza.

He stated that the soldiers were “sharpening our skills on the planning and physical level” during the day and that “they are trained and want to go in.”

“They’re prepared, but it takes time,” he continued.

We observe daily that we should not view this as a blessing because it is an opportunity for us to improve our training and readiness.

Ezzy described the invasion’s objectives as simple and stated that their purpose was “clear.”

“Hamas must be eliminated,” he declared.

There’s no dispute—it’s obvious.

We have always known what Hamas’s intentions have been, and we now know the extent of their power.

We are aware that the enemy must be totally destroyed, so that is what we must accomplish.

We’re not sure exactly when we’ll enter.

We’re approaching things day by day.

During a visit to the border town of Sderot on Thursday, Israel’s agricultural minister, Avi Dichter, who was formerly in charge of the Shin Bet domestic security agency, said that a buffer zone would be established within Gaza.

Israel’s border security currently starts a few hundred yards within its borders.

According to Dichter, there should be a “no man’s land” between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

This was published by The Financial Times.

He said at a press conference, “It’s not that you started it from inside the Gaza Strip, as a buffer zone.”

“You initiated it within 50 to 100 metres on the Israeli side.”

We acknowledge that it was an error that has to be corrected.

With a 100-yard buffer zone, radar, motion sensors, a solid concrete foundation to prevent tunnelling, and observation towers, the 20-foot-tall border fence is presently in place.

The’smart fence’ was built between 2016 and 2021.

However, Hamas began their assaults on October 7 from Gaza, breaking over the border fence and ravaging Israel for several hours.

Dichter declared that they would stop allowing Gaza residents to get close to the border, so limiting the area that Gaza can occupy.

“We will have a margin on the Gaza Strip all along,” he declared.

And they’ll be unable to enter.

There will be a fire hazard.

Furthermore, you will never be allowed to approach the Israeli border, regardless of who you are.

After leaving the Gaza Strip in 2005, Israel continued to keep a buffer zone inside the region.

However, the buffer weakened with time.

Dichter stated that the area, military requirements, and the separation between Israeli settlements and the Israeli military will all have to be taken into consideration when determining the buffer zone’s width in the future.

“We have Kibbutz Nahal Oz, which is 800 metres from the border,” he continued.

Thus, you need exercise greater caution in this kind of situation.

We are not allowed to take chances because of the entire layout of the Gaza Strip.

We’ve seen what occurs when we take chances.

We will not make the same mistake twice.

“Obviously Gaza tomorrow will not look anything like it did before October 7,” stated a second Israeli officer.

Both Islamic Jihad and Hamas will be destroyed, and they will be unable to launch another attack on Israel.

“How it looks territorially—we don’t know the specifics, but our goal is to eliminate terrorists from our border, as there were previously.”

It coincides with the Israeli army’s announcement on Friday that it would be leaving the northern city of Kiryat Shmona following days of fighting with terrorists from Hezbollah along the border with Lebanon.

The decision was communicated to the city’s mayor a short while ago by the Northern Command.

The military stated in a statement that the plan will be overseen by the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Tourism, and the local government.

Following the brutal attack by Hamas gunmen on October 7, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which is sponsored by Iran, and affiliated Palestinian organisations have been exchanging gunfire across the border with Israel for several days.

As tensions near the border increased, the Israeli military confirmed that its forces were still pursuing Hezbollah objectives.

The army declared early on Friday that “the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) carried out a number of attacks against Hezbollah infrastructure, including observation posts.”

Furthermore, three terrorists attempting to hurl anti-tank missiles towards Israel were hit by IDF fighter jets.

Communities around the northern border have been gradually evacuated by Israeli authorities while columns of tanks and armoured vehicles, along with reservists, have poured into the region.

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