Newly surfaced video footage reveals hideout of Vladimir Putin, located just 18 miles from Russia’s border with NATO

Newly surfaced video footage reveals hideout of Vladimir Putin, located just 18 miles from Russia’s border with NATO

Allegations of a Secret Northern Hideout

Newly surfaced video footage purports to reveal the clandestine northern hideout of Vladimir Putin, located a mere 18 miles from Russia’s border with NATO.

Unverified reports from Russia suggest that the 71-year-old leader allegedly acquired a portion of a national park, comparable in size to Monaco, and a scenic waterfall for his retreat.

The property is said to be situated in the Lake Ladoga National Park in Karelia, near the Finnish border.

Controversial Property Claims

The narrator in the video asserts that Putin shares this secret haven with his rumored lover, Alina Kabaeva, a renowned 40-year-old gymnast.

The property supposedly features a modernistic gazebo overlooking the picturesque 13ft Marjalahti waterfall.

However, the authenticity of the footage remains in question, with concerns raised about potential AI or special effects manipulation.

Details of the Alleged Retreat

Describing the retreat, the video suggests the presence of various structures, including a reception house resembling a barn, equipped with a living room, brewery, and tea room on the second floor.

The property reportedly boasts a pool or fountain, a separate underground entrance, a helipad, and a pier for yachts on Lake Ladoga.

The so-called ‘fisherman’s hut’ is said to have semi-precious stones in its interior decoration, along with amenities such as a bathhouse, trout fishery, marbled beef farm, and a secluded gazebo.

Surrounding Properties and Ownership

The video alleges that approximately two-and-a-half miles away lies a mansion, sauna, and restaurant owned by Roman Abramovich, the former Chelsea tycoon.

Yuri Kovalchuk, described as an old friend of Putin and reputed to be the dictator’s ‘personal banker,’ reportedly owns a nearby hotel.

The video suggests that Kovalchuk manages a network of companies responsible for Putin’s leisure activities and various real estate holdings, including well-known properties like the Black Sea palace and the Valdai mansion.

Security Measures and Secrecy

The footage claims that during Putin’s visits to this northern retreat, local security is replaced by FSO (Federal Security Service) officers.

Security measures include blocked entrances, fencing with CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and barbed wire in the adjacent forest.

The video emphasizes the high level of secrecy and protection surrounding the alleged properties, casting a shadow on the transparency of Putin’s leisure activities.

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