Interest Rate Tango – Nationwide Raises Rates as Santander Takes a Different Step

Nationwide Raises Mortgage Rates Amidst SWAP Rate Increases: Industry Experts Weigh In

Nationwide recently announced rate hikes on both tracker and fixed rates, with an increase of up to 0.25%, citing the recent rise in SWAP rates.

This adjustment affects both new and existing clients, as well as those looking to borrow more or switch rates.

The mortgage market responds to these changes, triggering varied perspectives among industry experts.

Mixed Day for Mortgage Rates:

Justin Moy, Managing Director at EHF Mortgages, notes the contrasting moves in mortgage rates, highlighting Nationwide’s increase just as Santander is reducing theirs.

The recent upward trend in SWAP rates contributes to these fluctuations, emphasizing the importance of mortgage brokers in guiding borrowers through such market dynamics.

Lenders Navigating Rate Fluctuations:

As rates experience fluctuations, Elliott Culley, Director at Switch Mortgage Finance, suggests that the mortgage market is returning to normalcy with upward trends.

Culley advises borrowers to remain calm, citing upcoming key data points that could impact the market.

Despite the current rise, predictions indicate that rates will still fall over the course of 2024.

Topsy-Turvy Mortgage Market:

Rohit Kohli, Director at The Mortgage Stop, comments on the unpredictable nature of the mortgage market, exemplified by Nationwide’s rate increase alongside Santander’s reduction.

The uncertainty faced by everyone in the industry is emphasized, urging homeowners to act promptly, especially when their mortgages are approaching the end.

Impact on Borrowers and Market Outlook:

Akhil Mair, Director at Our Mortgage Broker, addresses the repercussions of Nationwide’s decision, particularly the challenges faced by new homeowners and existing clients.

The increase in borrowing costs and mortgage repayments adds complexity for those seeking to borrow more or switch rates.

This trend paints a less optimistic picture of affordability and accessibility in the housing market, potentially affecting consumer confidence and hindering growth.


Nationwide’s move to raise mortgage rates amid SWAP rate increases has stirred discussions within the mortgage industry.

The perspectives of industry experts highlight the nuanced and ever-changing nature of the market, urging caution and strategic decision-making for borrowers in the current environment.

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