Insiders Dismiss Sara Ramirez’s Political Claim as They Exit ‘And Just Like That’

Insiders Dismiss Sara Ramirez’s Political Claim as They Exit ‘And Just Like That’

Sara Ramirez’s Departure and Political Claims:

Sara Ramirez, known for their role as Che Diaz in ‘And Just Like That,’ is reportedly leaving the show, with insiders suggesting it’s due to their character being deemed a ‘waste of airtime.’

Ramirez implied their exit in Instagram posts, hinting at being dropped for supporting Palestine.

However, a source refuted these claims, asserting that the decision was based on the character’s diminishing value and perceived annoyance rather than political views.

Insider Insights on Character Value:

The insider shared that Ramirez’s character, Che Diaz, had been on the brink of removal since the previous season.

According to the source, the character held no significance to the show after splitting with Miranda, and fans found Che Diaz increasingly annoying.

The storyline involving Che as a struggling comedian was deemed a ‘waste of airtime.’

Response to Political Allegations:

Contrary to Ramirez’s implication that their pro-Palestine stance led to their firing, the insider clarified that the decision was rooted in the character’s lack of contribution to the storyline.

The source pointed out that Cynthia Nixon’s continued role as Miranda Hobbes, despite her outspoken views on Palestine, demonstrated that the show was not letting go of actors based on political opinions.

Character Background and Audience Reception:

Che Diaz, introduced as a ‘queer nonbinary Mexican Irish diva,’ entered the series as a new character forming a relationship with Miranda.

However, the character received criticism, being labeled as the ‘worst’ on the series, with viewers finding them ‘cringe’ and accusing them of setting back non-binary representation.

Ramirez’s exit comes after a period of audience dissatisfaction with the character’s portrayal.

Ramirez’s Instagram Rant and Political Commentary:

Ramirez, in an Instagram rant after the Emmy Awards, accused the industry of hypocrisy, alleging that casting directors and agents create blacklists for those supporting Palestinians.

The performer criticized the industry’s focus on awards while remaining silent on connections to weapons manufacturers supporting the Israeli military.

Ramirez’s commentary extended to performative actions in Hollywood.

Previous Criticisms and Defense:

The character Che Diaz faced previous critiques, paralleling sentiments Ramirez expressed in the show about a phony portrayal of the non-binary experience.

In response to a journalist’s article mocking Ramirez’s alignment with the character’s opinions, Ramirez defended themselves, emphasizing the distinction between their personal views and the roles they play.

Show Creator’s Perspective:

Candace Bushnell, creator of ‘Sex and the City,’ initially praised Che Diaz for its freeing representation.

However, the departure indicates a shift in the character’s reception, with the insider emphasizing that Che Diaz failed to maintain significance to the overall storyline.

Future of ‘And Just Like That’:

The show, which premiered in 2021 with a second season in the following year, faces a delayed production for its third season due to the Hollywood writers’ strike.

With filming yet to commence, the series is expected to return to screens in 2025, emphasizing the changes and challenges faced by the production.

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