US Injury Lawyer Flags 3 Toys to Never Buy Kids After Child Deaths, Warns Button Batteries and Incline Sleepers ‘Crazy Dangerous’

Legal Specialist Sounds Safety Alarm

A US catastrophic injury lawyer frequently handling child cases warned about three children’s toys he would never purchase amid serious safety issues. Water beads, button battery toys, and inclined sleeper devices present major hazards.

Water Beads – Intestinal Blockage Risk

The attorney first flagged ornamental water beads expanding when wet, which have caused intestinal obstructions and deaths from ingestion. Their safety has come under scrutiny after a 10-month old fatally choked.

Button Batteries – Danger of Internal Burns

Any toy with small, circular button batteries also pose dangers, as if swallowed they can burn through a child’s esophagus or airway in minutes. Their chemical properties heighten risks if lodged internally.

Incline Sleepers – Positional Asphyxia Risk

Finally, inclined sleeping devices are called out as unsafe, as they can lead babies’ heads to fall forward causing airway blockages or positional asphyxiation. Despite some recalls, sales continue under different names.

Commenters Echo Safety Concerns

Viewers overwhelmingly agreed such toys require extreme caution or avoidance, sharing their own stories of hazards posed. With multiple child deaths linked to these products, calls have mounted to remove certain high-risk items from stores.

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