Ingenious or Absurd? Nigerian Man’s Unconventional Solution to iPhone Overheating

Unconventional Cooling Methods for iPhone 12 Pro Max: A Nigerian Man’s Approach

In a recent viral video circulating on social media, a Nigerian man has gained attention for his unique method of cooling down his iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The video, spoken in the man’s native Yoruba language, captures the moment he uses hot water to address what appears to be overheating issues with his smartphone.

A Bizarre Dialogue with the Phone

In the footage, the man is heard instructing his phone not to leave him, leaving social media users perplexed about the context behind his unusual conversation with the device.

The Cooling Process Unveiled

The caption accompanying the video, ‘My phone won’t kill me,’ depicts the man dipping a cloth into a bucket of hot water and applying it to the back of his iPhone, presumably to lower its temperature.

This unconventional cooling method has sparked discussions online, with users sharing their thoughts on the peculiar approach.

Social Media Reactions

Following the video, social media users flooded the comment section with a variety of reactions.

Some shared their own inventive ways of dealing with smartphone overheating, creating a humorous exchange among users.

Here are a few notable reactions:

  • HABEFE humorously mentions, “Xsmax user, where una dey? Na me and pure water dey waka.”
  • Tee famous suggests, “XR users should be putting their own inside the fridge.”
  • Rahma Bani-Salih shares a personal experience, stating, “This really cracked me up. Story of my life with my 13pro. I had once placed ice on it when I couldn’t think of a better way to cool it down.”

Reflecting on the Unusual Trend

The video has sparked a trend of users sharing their creative methods to cool down various iPhone models, turning a seemingly ordinary situation into a lighthearted online phenomenon.

The unconventional dialogue and cooling technique have left netizens amused and engaged in the humorous exchange of ideas to address smartphone overheating.

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