Influencer Michelle Lizarraga, killed in an accident that plunged her car into a canal

TikTok Influencer’s Tragic Fate

A TikTok influencer, Michelle Lizarraga, known as La Bellota, is believed to have met a tragic end when her car plunged into a canal near a resort town in Sinaloa, Mexico. The incident occurred on the night of September 7, following her night out at a local nightclub. Her car remained undiscovered until 8 am on September 8, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding her death.

Night Out and Social Media Posts

Hours before the incident, Lizarraga shared a video with her 14,000 followers, depicting her lively night at a Mazatlan nightclub. The video captured her enjoying the local music and sipping from a champagne bottle while embracing friends. Her social media comments have since been filled with condolences from followers mourning her loss.

Suspicion and Pending Investigation

Although the car’s submersion in the canal is currently attributed to flooding and capsizing upon impact with the water, concerns linger regarding the circumstances. The 22-year-old influencer was identified through her distinct 666 tattoo. Lawyer Maria Teresa Guerra Ochoa has refrained from ruling out foul play, emphasizing the need for an official report. She awaits the results of an ongoing investigation by the state attorney general’s office.

Rescue Efforts and Grief

Efforts to rescue Lizarraga were made by members of the Villa Union Veteran Firefighter team, but tragically, her life could not be saved. A heartfelt Facebook post from a friend reflected on the loss, describing Lizarraga as a talented and bright presence who brought joy to their lives. The influencer’s unexpected passing has left friends and followers in mourning.

Ongoing Drug Cartel Crackdown

As authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Lizarraga’s death, Mexican authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to combat the notorious drug cartel in Sinaloa. Recent reports indicate that the cartel has transitioned into the production and distribution of fentanyl following the imprisonment of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, presenting a new challenge for law enforcement.

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