Plus-Size Influencer’s Forever 21 Curve Line Haul: A Fun and Flattering Review

Plus-Size Influencer’s Forever 21 Curve Line Haul: A Fun and Flattering Review

Molly Kay’s Forever 21 Curve Line Haul

Molly Kay, a plus-size influencer, delighted her 98,000 TikTok followers with a recent try-on haul from Forever 21’s Curve line. In this review, we’ll dive into her fashion finds and what she loved about them.

Linen Dreams: White Skirts and Dresses

Molly began her haul by showcasing a white linen dress in size 1X. She expressed her desire to embrace the “long skirt girlie” aesthetic, specifically with a white long skirt.

Fortunately, Forever 21 offered two plus-size options. Molly picked up both, noting that one had a slightly snug fit while the other was more flowy, giving her versatile options for her wardrobe.

Cozy and Stylish for Fall

As fall rolled in, Molly opted for a cozy fall sweater. She described it as a “perfect little striped cardigan” with a soft and thin material, ideal for pairing with jeans.

Her glowing review gave it a solid 10/10 rating, highlighting its suitability for autumn fashion.

Unexpected Bling on a Graphic T-Shirt

Molly’s haul included a graphic T-shirt with a car design. She chose a 4XL size but was surprised to find rhinestones on the shirt, which didn’t align with her expectations.

Disney-Inspired Style

Last but not least, Molly shared her excitement over a multi-colored plaid dress in 3XL, which cost $17. She enthusiastically expressed her love for Disney and saw this dress as a perfect fit for a Sally Disneybound, referencing “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

She found the dress incredibly flattering and considered the haul a win, despite a few exchanges.

Anticipating a Disneybound Adventure

Molly humorously shared her excitement for planning a Sally Disneybound and playfully teased her followers: “I am already planning out that Sally Disneybound in my head so y’all can’t not like it.”

Audience Reactions

Molly’s haul drew attention and engagement from her TikTok audience. Viewers expressed their love for her choices and the anticipation of her upcoming Disneybound adventure.

Comments like “Love! You are gonna kill that Sally Disneybound!” and “Ohhh the Sally look is going to be fire for your trip coming up” demonstrated the enthusiasm her haul generated.

Molly Kay’s Forever 21 Curve Line haul reflects the joy of discovering stylish and comfortable fashion options for plus-size individuals, providing inspiration for others in the fashion community.