Rising Nigerian Sensation Ayra Starr Apologizes to King Sunny Ade Amidst Backlash for Handshake Greeting

Rising Nigerian Sensation Ayra Starr Apologizes to King Sunny Ade Amidst Backlash for Handshake Greeting

Ayra Starr Faces Backlash for Greeting Style with King Sunny Ade

Ayra Starr, the rapidly emerging Nigerian singer, found herself embroiled in controversy and criticism after a video surfaced of her shaking hands with the legendary King Sunny Ade at an event.

Social media users were quick to express their disappointment, expecting a more traditional Yoruba greeting given King Sunny Ade’s stature in both age and the music industry.

Social Media Outcry Over Perceived Disrespect

The online uproar intensified as Nigerians shared their views on the perceived disrespect shown by Ayra Starr in the video.

Many anticipated a customary Yoruba greeting, involving a bow, considering King Sunny Ade’s iconic status.

However, Ayra Starr’s choice to shake hands sparked a wave of criticism, with social media users voicing their displeasure.

Ayra Starr’s Apology: Addressing the Controversy

Responding to the criticism, Ayra Starr took to her official X account on Saturday morning to issue a public apology.

In her statement, she acknowledged her initial nervousness upon meeting the legendary musician and clarified that she eventually circled back to greet everyone properly.

The singer emphasized that she is not a disrespectful person and considers herself a “proper Yoruba girl.”

Explanation of Nervousness and Proper Greetings

In her post, Ayra Starr explained that the overwhelming lights and nerves affected her perception during the initial meeting with King Sunny Ade.

She expressed regret for not extending the expected traditional greeting but asserted that she rectified the situation by properly greeting everyone afterward.

The singer emphasized her cultural values and apologized directly to the legend, referring to King Sunny Ade as “uncle.”

Ayra Starr’s Contrition for the Incident

“I’m so sorry, I had just walked in and all the lights and nerves didn’t let me see, but I came back around to greet everyone properly,” Ayra Starr stated in her apology post.

She asserted that disrespect is not in her nature and clarified that the video footage did not capture the initial greetings, which occurred before the incident that garnered public attention.

The singer concluded her post with a sincere apology to King Sunny Ade for any unintended offense.